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Let me introduce myself first; I’m Joe Allam — a passionate creative individual, creating original high-quality content across a multitude of social platforms, to a highly engaged global audience. The passion of my content revolves around the creative travel lifestyle, with a focus on photography and filmmaking.

Original high-quality content

I have a highly engaged audience across a wide age demographic, who respect and trust my opinion and creative lifestyle. At present, my rapidly growing audience consists of 300,000+ engaged followers/subscribers collectively across all of my social platforms.

My audience has grown around a consistent output of original content and I often receive personal messages of appreciation and requests for recommendations.

Take a browse through my social profiles to get an idea of the content I am making or look at the sample content below, to see how your business could fit with my content.

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Jelly Journeys — Travel Adventure Blog

Follow Jelly Journeys – my brand of premium travel content, with a focus on photography and filmmaking. In partnership with my girlfriend, Elly; we have been documenting our travels and working with global travel brands and activities along our way around the world.

Visit jellyjourneys.com

Jelly Journeys @joeallam and @ellythings

YouTube content

Lifestyle, travel and experience videos

These videos showcase my creative personality and skill, which builds trust among viewers that I am someone they can be inspired by and gain knowledge from. Not only are these videos great for documenting a destination or event, they are great for inspiring people to want to join in and explore their own lifestyle.

Behind the scenes travel experiences

Videos showcasing a travel destination through my personal experiences. These videos are extremely popular with my audience for gaining an insight into the locations I visit, as well as being popular with eager first-time viewers researching for their own travel experiences. The informal—but high quality—nature to them builds trust and inspiration from a genuine and personal perspective.

Advice, recommendations and reviews

Before buying products, people will often watch someone else’s experience with particular products before making any decisions. By making videos of my experiences, I have been able to build a trusting relationship with my audience who look out for my recommendations. These videos are also great ways of getting products in front of an engaged audience!

Behind the scenes vlogging videos

By showing the processes behind creating my content, my audience gets an idea for the products I use in a raw format. These videos offer advice for improvement as well as creative inspiration. Occasionally I will do these style of videos at a particular event to show both the event and the methods used to capture it!

Written and photographic content

Technology and equipment posts/reviews

Technology and equipment posts/reviews

My audience has a huge interested in the products I use and how best to use them. My reviews give honest recommendations and advice to those interested as well as links to purchase directly.

Travel and photographic journeys

Wherever I travel, I always have my camera with me to document the trip. My audience loves seeing my Instagram posts of the locations whilst I’m traveling, followed by a full blog post round-up afterwards! See my dedicated travel blog at jellyjourneys.com

Post about events and experiences

Post about events and experiences

Almost every part of my lifestyle follows a creative lead and can be integrated with businesses to share my experiences. My photography and videos greatly inspire others to join in and create their own experiences.

Awareness and early-adoption posts

As an avid follower of tech news, I am keen to get involved with the latest products, both physical and digital. If I’m really excited, I will often share this with my audience who in turn spread the discovery onwards.

Looking for brand partnerships and sponsorships

Having crafted a coherent personality/brand image for myself, I am now looking to extend my reach to working directly with brands and other content producers.

If you have ideas for a project, a product you’d like me to review, or would even like to have me capture an event/activity from my perspective, then get in touch and let’s work together!


Download my media kit