Uphill Manor

Uphill Manor is a unique Bed and Breakfast “hotel” set in the village where I grew up, in Somerset. The Manor is a very traditionally run business with only 5 rooms available per night; all encompassed in a beautiful building dating back to 1805, with fantastic surrounding gardens.

I originally created a website for Uphill Manor back in 2007 whilst still at School and only just learning the basics of website creation. Some 6 years later and the owners returned to me for a refresh of the site including a new design and new photography. This project really shows my complete set of skills; digital design, web development and photography. Since the owners prefer to talk personally to their guests, either on the phone or via email, there was no need for an online booking system. The whole site is built entirely on WordPress to allow for easy maintainability for future updates.

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As the sole creative, designing, building and populating the website, I found it much more efficient to hand draw my wireframes as there was no need to present them neat and annotated for co-workers.


I took all of the photographs that are displayed within the site and had complete creative freedom over the stylistic nature of them.

The manor has some interesting details and styling to each room available which makes for a unique stay every time.

With large windows and bright light shining into every room, I had to plan and prepare every photo with great detail.

Tina and Craig are wholeheartedly against using super wide-angle lenses to photograph their rooms and were looking for accurate representations of the size of each room photographed.

I created a large amount of photography for use within the site as supporting imagery.

The large windows and direct sunlight were extra obstacles when capturing accurate representations of each room.

WordPress Content Management System

The site is built on WordPress to allow the owners of the Manor to update the content and add new content. One feature that the owners were very interested in, is the ability to add testimonials and comments from guest to the website.

Craig and Tina intentionally didn’t want to utilise reviews from places such as TripAdvisor as they would like to maintain a personal relationship with guest who leave comments in their physical guestbook.

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