The Legal Bits

Don’t panic, everything’s secure

This site uses many techniques for improving the content and user experience. The details of these various technologies are outlined on this page, for your clarity.


Adaptive Images

Cookies are used to ‘register’ the screen width of your device and display images at the correct viewing width. This means you will never see a desktop image used on your mobile device, which will save you bandwidth in your mobile data allowance and also make the pages load faster.


Advertising is used within the blog in order to generate revenue to fund the content that you are reading. Ads are provided through Google Adsense, which uses cookies from your browsing experience across the whole of the internet, to tailor advertising specific to your interests. Your settings for Adsense are related specifically through your privacy settings within Google.


Mailing List

Any personal information that you submit when subscribing to the newsletter is held securely with MailChimp.


All comments are published publicly as a standard procedure with any messages and names you provide. Your email address or any other contact information will never be publicly displayed.


Any personal details privately sent to me in messages will never be publicly displayed and will be held securely within Google Apps.