Digital Creative

I'm currently open to creative projects!

Based in London/Tokyo throughout the year, I’m open to creative projects within photography, filmmaking and creative consultancy on a global scale.

If you’re looking to work with me on some promotional content opportunities or campaigns via my social profiles or YouTube channel, please refer to my press/editorial pages.

Creative skills

My background as a photographer/designer/web developer, coupled with my experience building and maintaining a large social media presence, is extremely well refined and almost unheard of amongst most creatives.

With professional experience working at companies such as Apple, Disney, Burberry and many creative advertising agencies; I’m able to work and consult on many creative briefs from a variety of angles. I have a high calibre of expertise for extremely large projects, with an attention right down to the finest of details.

Event speaking/workshops

  • High interaction rates with inspirational content
  • Informative and educational to a variety of skill levels
  • A leader in creative thinking and self-development
  • Strong presentational design for increased visual engagement
  • Broadcast-quality livestreaming setup for remote events

Photography and filmmaking

  • Travel and location-based creative work
  • Documentary productions
  • Live and candid events coverage
  • Corporate productions
  • Expert retouching and asset management skills

Social Media

  • Engaged audience connection via @joeallam channels
  • Advanced strategical content planning and consultation
  • High-quality content production
  • Years of extensive research and analysis of successful content, with proven experience through the growth of my own social profiles

Let’s talk

To see how I can fit to your needs and work on your project, you can either send a message below, or simply email me.