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New Camera Gear – Canon EOS 70D

Using MacJournal to Update

I recently bought MacJournal in the latest MacHeist NanoBundle and have just set it up to link in with my blog. All I had to do was enable the XML-RPC from the link This then allowed me to fully link MacJournal to my blog and it immediately recognised it as a WordPress setup. There […]

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Nifty Fifty

I bought myself a nifty fifty last week. To those that don’t know, thats a 50mm lens for my camera. It’s on the “essentials” list for some of the most successful photographers this here world has ever known. So, I thought I would jump on the train and try and get myself on that same […]

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Did You See The Size Of That Goose

I rented a couple of lenses from the Media Store the other day. I saw that there were a few L series lenses available and thought I’d try my hand at the immense quality of the red ringed barrel of some expensive glass. For those of you who don’t understand all this jibber jabber, an […]

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