Blog – Short Thought

Longer than a tweet, but shorter than a blog post. These short thoughts are fast and bitesize.

Site Redesign 2014

It’s been just about a year since I released this current design of my site and I’m contemplating a new skin to improve it. I’m thinking of returning to a white based site à la 2010. I’m also considering making the blog the main focus…

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Prediction: Monday’s BST Hashtags

Prediction: On Monday March 31, between 5:30-6:30pm, people will go hashtag crazy over the extra daylight when leaving work, due to the clocks changing to British Summer Time. #BST #Bright #Light #Daylight are key contenders.

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Introducing the Short Thought

This is a new type of post on the blog. The Short Thought (Shought?) will be a small post, longer than a Tweet but shorter than a regular post. The idea is to post a thought when it appears in my head and have it featured throughout the blog stream.

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