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Posts containing content that I have found on the internet that is either entertaining, inspiring or simply worthy of sharing with others.

VIB 15 year Anniversary Event Branding

I came across this amazing project on Behance recently and I thought it was definitely worth sharing with everyone. At first glance, you may take a look at the photos and think, ‘Wow these are some pretty slick chalk illustrations!’ But then when you look further into the project and watch the video that goes […]

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Time-Lapse Vector Process from Signalnoise

I absolutely love stuff like this. This is a time-lapse screen recording of the vector design process from James White AKA Signalnoise of some artwork for an album design. Throughout the whole video I can’t help but wonder how much processing power he is burning up on his Mac with the intense use of gradients […]

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Making Shapes: Viral Video

I came across this the other day and thought it was awesome! Except for the end. It’s a video of this guy, JayFunk who does a sitting-down-bodypop-breakdance known as finger tutting but with added visual effects thrown into the mix. The video itself looks well produced, with high quality definition in the picture and well […]

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FontBook iPad App

I saw this appear from my Twitter feed from somewhere and thought “I have an iPad. I love typography. Let’s see what this is all about” So I downloaded it and had a go. It looks to be one of the best apps a graphic designer could ask for, showing the font libraries of most […]

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Which Came First? Champagne or the Egg

I went to Somerset house a couple of days ago for the “Pick Me Up” show, an exhibition of upcoming designers and artists with work for sale. The work there was incredible and the print quality on the stuff was insane, which explains the price tags for the artwork. One area of the show was […]

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