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Working professionally as a photographer, I often post about photography related content such as new work, inspirations and industry news. Expect to see a lot of visual posts with large amounts of images.

How To Make A Pinhole Camera

Step by step guide of how to make a pinhole camera. I want to create a series of high key black and white images and lay them out neatly in a grid surrounded by plenty of white space. I think I will develop further with the layout and presentation when I have some spare time. […]

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Maybe My Hole Was Made From A Pin

So, I managed to scan in my negatives from my pinhole camera and actually got some photos from it. All seemed fine and dandy in the end. I knew the photos would be the worst quality in the world and would cause heart attacks if seen in National Geographic, but I’m really pleased I managed […]

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Pinhole Photography Excellent Idea

I made a pinhole camera and had the intention of going into London to get some photos with it. I like the idea of knowing that the photos will be really shit quality. It gives it that vintage feel. A bit like a cross processed image or a polaroid. So off I toddle to London […]

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