Blog – New Work

All of the posts within this category are related to new work in my portfolio; such as design, photography and interactive development.

Typeface Creation

I’ve been working on the creation of a font for a few weeks now as part of the process to build up on my knowledge of typographic terms and also as a way of experimenting with typefaces. It’s taken longer than I thought it would; but I have completed the majority of my Font in […]

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Book Binding

I went to the bookbinding workshop with Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck and was shown how to bind a multiple section book together using simple bookbinding stitching. It was really useful to attend and gain a better knowledge of how to present work. It inspired me to want to make a portfolio out of a hand made […]

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We saw this video in Uni and we each had to write the brief that would have created this video. Then we all mixed up the briefs and got given someones brief that they had just written. Mine asked for a 5 minute video of everyday objects to be uploaded to YouTube. I went with […]

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There’s Cracks In The Walls But Now They’re In My Book

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I Did A Wedding But I Wasn’t The Vicar

I did my first wedding in the middle of December. That’s photography, not being a vicar. I had been approached about weddings a few times throughout the year but each time was either inconvenient with college/uni or I just didn’t feel I was experienced enough for it. Then along came this offer. It was from […]

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