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All of the posts within this category are related to new work in my portfolio; such as design, photography and interactive development.

Weston Beach Race 2013

New Work: Weston Beach Race 2013

Continuing with my strive towards more sports photography, I recently went to the Beach Race in my hometown of Weston-super-Mare with an aim to get right in the action with my camera. The Weston Beach race is one of the largest motocross fixtures in the UK and has been running annually since 1983.

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New Work: Royal Parks Half Marathon 2013

On October 6, I was taking photographs of the Royal Parks Half Marathon on behalf of Oxfam. I’d previously worked with Oxfam at the London Marathon earlier in the year covering the after-race reception that included free massages, a meal and a relaxation area for all Oxfam runners. That in itself was a great experience, […]

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Second Year Semester 2.0 Portfolio Hand-In

Here is my portfolio of work from the second semester of my second year of my Graphic Design degree. It comprises of work from the Unit ‘Audiences and Contexts’ as well as my Independent Practice from January up until May 2011. In my third year, I will be looking to define which area of graphic […]

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Designers Are Curious Creatures

I had this idea when I was going to bed one night and I was worried I would forget about it by the morning, so I drew it in the sketchbook before sleeping and then when I got round to it, I would make it digitally. Apart from the quote, the main thing that I […]

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Virgin London Marathon

Living so close to London, I feel that I need to make the most of the big events that are happening around me in the capital. Rather than watching things happening on the TV, I now have it in my head to go and see these things for real. Last week, I realised that it […]

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London (Primrose Hill)

I went to Primrose hill with Elly the other day as she had to get some photos for a project that she was doing and I’d never been before so I wanted to get a load of photos too. Not a great amount of description needed for these so I’ll just post the edits. —

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Imagination, Not Invention

A short animation from a group project at Uni. The brief was to visually show an aphorism in a 30 second video. The aphorism that we chose to display was “Imagination, not invention is the supreme master of art as of life”. We worked with my camera and some Bowens protable lighting as well as […]

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