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Bord Gais Energy Theatre

OFFSET 2015 – Highlights

Every year, Dublin hosts an international creative festival/conference called OFFSET, read about my experience over the 3 day event and follow my other posts for my favourite speakers of the event.

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Emily Oberman at OFFSET 2015

Emily Oberman – OFFSET 2015

I was really looking forward to the Pentagram partner, Emily Oberman’s talk at OFFSET 2015. Emily showed a variety of work and the many things she’s learnt from working on Saturday Night Live for the past 20 years.

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Andy Altmann at OFFSET 2015

Andy Altmann – OFFSET 2015

Read about my highlights of Andy Altmann’s talk at OFFSET 2015. Andy showed a variety of work including early hand crafted projects and also a detailed behind the scenes look at how the comedy carpet in Blackpool was created.

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Matt Willey at OFFSET 2015

Matt Willey – OFFSET 2015

Matt’s talk was quite possibly my favourite of the whole of OFFSET 2015. He showed a variety of editorial design work including the redesign of the Independent newspaper and his earlier work co-creating Port magazine.

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Sue Murphy at OFFSET 2015

Sue Murphy – OFFSET 2015

Of all the talks over the weekend, I resonated most with Sue Murphy’s talk at OFFSET 2015. Sue showed a variety of work and opened up personally about her struggles with not fitting in with particular companies. Her talk was extremely honest and felt very similar to experiences that I have personally gone through.

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Snask at OFFSET 2015