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All posts with wide ranging content about general updates such as news about this blog, events that I am attending and non-specific content.

Ad Campaign – Models Needed

I am currently working on an advertising campaign for university about saving time. It’s quite an everyday scenario but I will hopefully be taking a humorous approach to it. I am looking for a few people to help out with starring in the ads. I would rather work with people that won’t necessarily be recognised […]

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Using MacJournal to Update

I recently bought MacJournal in the latest MacHeist NanoBundle and have just set it up to link in with my blog. All I had to do was enable the XML-RPC from the link This then allowed me to fully link MacJournal to my blog and it immediately recognised it as a WordPress setup. There […]

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This Is What I Did In 2009

For some of you who may know me, all last year I did a photo of myself everyday for the whole 365 days of the year. I finished it on the 31st of December and have about 3750 photos to go with the final 365 that I edited down each day. For a long time […]

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Up until Monday the 12th of April 2010, I had a fully functioning blog linked in with my website 2 Weeks prior to this, I had decided to redesign my website. When it came to uploading the update design, I had to remove the previous design. I was using a new application that I […]

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