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All posts with wide ranging content about general updates such as news about this blog, events that I am attending and non-specific content.

Location, Location, Relocation.

It’s been an interesting month or so with myself and web development. Quite a few things have been going on and keeping me busy to say the least whilst I’m waiting to go back to Uni in September for my final year. Firstly, I’ve been working on a new website that will be based mainly […]

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Continued Web Development

I’ve been fumbling around with HTML and CSS a bit more in the past week. I’ve been doing bits here and there for occasional hours at a time and have made a new leap with my website development. I now have an iOS version in the making! This is something that I’ve been wanting for […]

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Second Year Semester 2.0 Portfolio Hand-In

Here is my portfolio of work from the second semester of my second year of my Graphic Design degree. It comprises of work from the Unit ‘Audiences and Contexts’ as well as my Independent Practice from January up until May 2011. In my third year, I will be looking to define which area of graphic […]

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Update on Website Development

I have now finished coding my website as HTML and CSS rather than what it was previously as Adobe Flash. I’m pretty pleased with how it all came together and considering the fact that I started off having almost no clue what I was doing, I think I’ve been able to teach myself quite a […]

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Quick Update

2011 is going to be a year of big decisions I predict. I’ve recently shifted my mentality towards certain things into a much more professional manner. In the past week, I received the forecast for the next few months at Uni and what is expected to happen. It dawned on me that things are now […]

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My Web Site Got Hacked

I loaded up my site one morning after my brother phoned me to tell me it had been hacked. I was greeted by this weird Iranian page with music playing claiming that Nopo Team had hacked my website and that “Nothing was priv8” Turns out that all they had done was upload an “index.htm” file […]

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