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Posts about flmmaking and videography related content such as new work, inspirations and industry news. Expect to see a lot of visual posts with large amounts of videos.

Imagination, Not Invention

A short animation from a group project at Uni. The brief was to visually show an aphorism in a 30 second video. The aphorism that we chose to display was “Imagination, not invention is the supreme master of art as of life”. We worked with my camera and some Bowens protable lighting as well as […]

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Which Came First? Champagne or the Egg

I went to Somerset house a couple of days ago for the “Pick Me Up” show, an exhibition of upcoming designers and artists with work for sale. The work there was incredible and the print quality on the stuff was insane, which explains the price tags for the artwork. One area of the show was […]

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We saw this video in Uni and we each had to write the brief that would have created this video. Then we all mixed up the briefs and got given someones brief that they had just written. Mine asked for a 5 minute video of everyday objects to be uploaded to YouTube. I went with […]

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This Is What I Did In 2009

For some of you who may know me, all last year I did a photo of myself everyday for the whole 365 days of the year. I finished it on the 31st of December and have about 3750 photos to go with the final 365 that I edited down each day. For a long time […]

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