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Working professionally as a designer in both digital and print, I often post about design related content such as new work, inspirations and industry news.

TYPOLondon 2011: Jeff Faulkner

Second to present in the Logan Hall, was Jeff Faulkner, creative director at Xbox. Jeff specialises in user interface and user experience design and was responsible for the team that worked on the Microsoft Zune and Windows Phone 7 UI but now he is solely related to the design for the Xbox UI and UX. […]

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TYPOLondon 2011: Marina Willer

The first Lecture for the day was Marina Willer, Head of Creative at Wolff Olins, talking about ‘Branding and Spaces’. She gave a big background on herself originating in Brazil and explained many of the cultural differences between South Americans and the British as well as other places in the world. The first piece of […]

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TYPOLondon 2011: Toshi Omagari

This talk was fairly short and direct as it was only 10 minutes long and not even listed on the timetable of events. Toshi Omagari explained his task for Linotype to create the Didot typeface optimised for the screen and instances of low resolution displays whilst still maintaining the elements of what Didot is known […]

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Minute Long Commercials

I’ve been without the internet for the past 2 months almost so I haven’t been able to post anything new, but I’m currently connected so here’s an update. By the middle of next month, I should have the internet again and my section of the blog should be flying. I’ve been following the Rugby World […]

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Time-Lapse Vector Process from Signalnoise

I absolutely love stuff like this. This is a time-lapse screen recording of the vector design process from James White AKA Signalnoise of some artwork for an album design. Throughout the whole video I can’t help but wonder how much processing power he is burning up on his Mac with the intense use of gradients […]

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FontBook iPad App

I saw this appear from my Twitter feed from somewhere and thought “I have an iPad. I love typography. Let’s see what this is all about” So I downloaded it and had a go. It looks to be one of the best apps a graphic designer could ask for, showing the font libraries of most […]

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