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Working professionally as a designer in both digital and print, I often post about design related content such as new work, inspirations and industry news.

Annie Atkins at OFFSET 2015

Annie Atkins – OFFSET 2015

I absolutely loved Annie Atkins’ talk at OFFSET 2015! Working as a graphic designer for movies, Annie showed all sorts of work from her extensive portfolio of designs. Her latest work for the Grand Budapest Hotel includes everything from props to signage and even carpet patterns!

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Hey Studio at OFFSET 2015
Boys and Girls at OFFSET 2015
Niels Shoe Meulman

Niels Shoe Meulman – OFFSET 2015

Here are my highlights of Niels Shoe Meulman’s talk at OFFSET 2015. In possibly the shortest talk of the whole weekend, Niels showed a few projects including his calligraffiti (which is exactly what is sounds like) on a large scale.

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Barber & Osgerby
Layer Comps
Google Hotel Finder

A Masterclass in Great User Experience Design — Google Hotel Finder

The process of booking a holiday, as some of you may know is a horrendously stressful experience. Trying to manage everyone’s preferences, budgets, dates and hotel standards along with navigating some of the worst designed websites on the internet (I’m looking at you, is sure enough to make you need an extra holiday before […]

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