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Following on from my recent post about my Tokyo Rain Cine Scenes film; I’m here sharing an epic video about another lover of Tokyo’s photogenic lifestyle—Dave Powell of Shoottokyo.

Working in collaboration with SmugMug—the online photography portfolio service—Dave is shown on his daily jaunts as a street photographer around Tokyo, in excellent cinematic fashion! The short film is filled with intricate editing and camera work, which immerses and rushes you around the crazy atmosphere of the greatest city in the world. Take a look at it below and then read on to see where you can find more of Dave’s work!

Dave Powell / Shoottokyo

Dave is a phenomenal street photographer and passionate writer for the ever-popular Shoottokyo blog. His posts first caught my attention back in February when I was looking for inspiration of places to shoot, before heading to Tokyo a few weeks later. I got distracted with post after post whilst browsing on my iPhone, before transitioning to my Mac for an extended evening scouring his archives!

Dave Powell walking around Tokyo in Smugmugs Point, Click, Shoottokyo

A street vendor in Smugmugs Point, Click, Shoottokyo

I love the simple nature of his photo posts; sharing snippets of his frequent post-work journeys, using various Leica cameras. It’s definitely inspired me to share more of my photo outings on this blog, especially now that I’m living in Melbourne and discovering an entirely new city. In fact, just this last week I posted a new vlog and some shots from an impromptu trip into the Melbourne CBD!

Two geishas in Smugmugs Point, Click, Shoottokyo
Dave Powell in Smugmugs Point, Click, Shoottokyo

If you want to get started with reading Dave’s blog, I’d suggest starting with the post that I first found him through: Shooting Tokyo. It’s a fairly comprehensive guide about his favourite places to take photos in Tokyo, complete with maps and further shooting tips! Along with Dave’s new site design, there’s now a subscription sign up so that you can get notified of every new post via email. Of course, I’d recommend signing up!

Dave Powell with his Leica in Smugmugs Point, Click, Shoottokyo
Dave Powell shoots with his Leica in Smugmugs Point, Click, Shoottokyo
A street vendor in Smugmugs Point, Click, Shoottokyo

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