How to Improve Your Photography: Melbourne Botanic Gardens Vlog

“How do I improve my photography?”

Through comments, email and in person, I am asked this daily; along with other questions related to how to improve photography. Here’s a brief look into how I’ve been getting better at photography all these years, bearing in mind that I’ve been doing this for about 10 years, but only really gained professional experience and recognition in the last 2/3 years…

As often as possible, I try and get out with my camera on dedicated “photo days”, but even when it’s not a dedicated day for photography, I still always try and carry a camera with me. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been taking photos of almost anything and everything during my spare moments, as a way to always stay up-to-date with my equipment and improve my photography for when the right moments arise.

I decided I would film one of these outings to share my experience. You’ll notice that I don’t really go very far, or stay out for very long. I was literally out taking photos for about 2 hours max. This could quite easily have been achieved on a lunch break from work (I often do this too!), on the way to and from work, or even when you’re just out with friends somewhere!

So long as you’re always taking a camera with you, the simple rules of practicing your craft will allow you to improve at rapid speeds. It’s worked for me and it can for you too.

Follow my quick trip out through a park for a couple of hours, as an example of how I have been flexing my photography itches in between big shoots.

Quick Photography Vlog: Melbourne Botanic Gardens

This simple day out not only cleared my head from some other work, but made me feel inspired with dedicating more time to these impromptu style vlogs, which is exactly why I’ve shared it on my YouTube channel. The photos aren’t anything special, but the message I am trying to drum into everyone, is that you have to get involved within photography as much as you can, if you truly want to improve.

My top tip for how to improve photography, is literally to go out with your camera and keep taking photos. No textbooks or lessons will replicate that. You have to learn through experience!

Not every day is a perfect photo day, but you can still take photos every day.

Check out the photos from my quick trip below, and then leave a comment with your thoughts or suggestions on how you go out with your camera to improve your photography!

How I improve my photography: Melbourne Botanical Gardens
Flex Image
Flex Image
Flex Image
Flex Image

The way these bamboo trees were moving in the wind, inspired me to try some slightly longer exposures, to emphasise the movement at the tops of the trees. It worked out okay, but nothing too special really — which is exactly what I’m trying to prove. Experimentation can either work or fail, it doesn’t have to be a huge project to try something new.

Flex Image
Flex Image
Flex Image
How I improve my photography: Melbourne Botanical Gardens
How I improve my photography: Melbourne CBD Skyline
How I improve my photography: Melbourne CBD Skyline

I know the photos here aren’t anything to write home about, but I hope this post has at the very least inspired you to get out with your camera and see what you can achieve within just a couple of hours in your day!

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  1. Very interesting and useful article.
    Throughout the week I tried to make at least a dozen photographs of my garden, and nothing happened
    Photos, by the way, you have great

    Good luck

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