Hello Melbourne! Let me introduce myself…

Externally seen as the culture, coffee and creative capital of Australia; Melbourne is where I’ll be calling home for the next year! From an absolutely incredible experience travelling around Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Australia and New Zealand over the past 5 months, I can’t believe I’m finally here and I’m extremely eager to get involved!

For those who’ve been following me on social media and staying up to date with my joint travel blog Jelly Journeys; let me clarify a little bit about how I got here and how I can afford all this travel.

Creating YouTube videos is not my main source of income… yet.

It is my every intention to continue to build on my rapidly growing audience and create the best content I can for you guys on my YouTube channel. However, it is absolutely still a long way off being my full-time commitment. I actually have a day job. Fancy that, eh?

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Westminster, London

16,893 km away in London

Back in London, I ran my own business as a freelance creative. By that, I mean that I was an individual company working on a multitude of design, photography and film projects for various companies (view my portfolio). You may have even seen some of my bigger pieces of work out in the wild, but it would of course never be associated with my name like it is on YouTube.

I often worked in-house at companies on a project-by-project basis, leading the design and production of various creative projects. It worked well for me in London and it is exactly what I am looking to do here in Melbourne.

So what do you work on?

Contrary to popular belief with my photography, the majority of my work is actually design based. With a healthy split between digital and printed media. I’ve got experience working with literally anything from designing apps and websites, to magazines, posters and even large scale exhibition graphics. Of course, my additional skills as a developer and photographer come into play all the time within my design work, which always keeps things exciting!

I have a highly valuable set of skills and experiences that transcend across a huge range of industries. From children’s design, luxury fashion, technology and even pharmaceutical applications, I’m hoping to share my skills and learn even more in the land down under!

Joe Allam in Kobe

So let’s mark this as a new chapter in my career and life, both externally with my online content and internally with the work I do to fund all of this!

Melbourne, I’m ready.

P.S. If you run a business or design agency in Melbourne and you’re looking for a talented, well-rounded creative individual… hire me 😉✌️

P.P.S. If you’re a brand or travel company looking to partner with a premium content creator across photography and film… check out my press pages for more info.

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