Happy New Year, Everyone! I’ve got a Big Announcement…

2016 is upon us and I wish a Happy New Year to everyone here! 2015 was a great year with many spectacular things happening for me, but let’s not dwell on the past; for 2016 is a year I’ve been waiting for with the highest anticipation!

Watch my latest video just posted to my YouTube channel of my big announcement that I’ve been teasing towards over the past few months 😉

As you will have seen, my announcement video isn’t just an announcement. I wanted to do something more and make something significant for the New Year. I’d love to say I got a huge budget for some fireworks for our announcement, but alas I cannot. I have to thank my friend Rob and his Brother for hosting another spectacular fireworks display back in November, which I decided to film for this here video!

Happy New Year

If you’ve still not watched the video yet and you’re now continuing to read this… you’re cheating. But oh well, what the hell? Here’s my big announcement.

I'm leaving London. I'm going travelling. And YOU are coming with me.

Travel has always been a huge passion of mine, however in all of my career and academic life, I’ve always just continued through, with no breaks. I’ve never had a gap year and I managed to go straight from Uni to working at Disney, so I didn’t even get the chance. I feel I owe myself some time to see the world and explore!

Elly and I

I’ll be travelling with my girlfriend Elly, and together we share very similar passions for wanting to explore the world in unique and genuine ways. We’re quite fortunate to have friends and family all over the world, so among our stops through Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Australia and New Zealand we’ll occasionally be staying with them as well as exploring the locations on our own!

STA Travel Covent Garden

The plans for our trip had been discussed and dreamt about for the past few years, but it was only when we had a meeting at STA Travel only few months ago that we realised just how achievable and attainable our plans were! Of course, curiosity grew to excitement as we laid down the dough for all of our flights around the world, with a departure as early as January 2016!

One further twist to the tale is that after travelling for around 5 months, we’re planning to return to Melbourne, Australia and stay there for about a year on the working holiday visa. I guess it’s at this point that I would like to point people in the direction of my LinkedIn… I’ll be needing a job, ha!

Planning our Trip

In all honesty, I’m actually seriously hoping that the growth of my YouTube channel, with the introduction of brand partnerships will allow me to support myself financially doing exactly what I love doing best… spreading creativity and sharing inspiration! It’s with this motive that I will be pushing all my energy into creating some amazing content along our travels. My aim is to produce some day-to-day vlogs of particular activities and events for each of the cities, as well as some bespoke pieces of filmmaking and photography for each of the countries.

If you’re a host or business in any of our stops along the way and would like to discuss some press/media opportunities, please take a browse through my press section and download a copy of my most recent media kit.

Jelly Journeys

Along the way, both Elly and myself will be contributing to a new blog that I developed at the end of 2014 (in anticipation of one day going travelling). You may have heard of it already, it’s called Jelly Journeys and will be home to some more informal posts about our travels, covering the activities we’ll be doing, the food we’ll be eating and the people we’ll be meeting!

I think it’s fair to say that my channel and Instagram will take on a more adventurous approach within a travel theme; but I will always be trying to make content in a creative and insightful way that will stimulate my photographic needs!

I hope that all of you who read my blog, watch my videos or ‘like’ my photos, are excited to become armchair travellers as I embark on the biggest personal project of my life!

Here’s to 2016, a year that has me both squealing with excitement and wincing with sheer terror at the amount to achieve. Let’s go!

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