Atomos Ninja Assassin + Massive YouTuber Tech Purchases Haul

Every now and then, I share a compilation of the recent tech purchases I’ve made that will assist in the work that I create. The last time I did this was from Tokyo, Japan where I featured the Incase EO Travel backpack along with other Japanese goodies! This time I’m in Melbourne, Australia and I’ve got a whopper of a collection for you, including the Atomos Ninja Assassin!

Pssst… I have a confession to make. Some of these were actually bought in the month before I went travelling at the start of the year and I had them shipped over for my grand arrival down under.

You may have also seen a few of these purchases briefly in my recent desk setup video. But for the most part, I thought it was worth sharing them as they all play a big part in helping to produce my work!

Check out my video of all the products and then continue on for links and further thoughts to each of them below!

The products

I’ve listed all of the products with links to purchase them in both the UK and the US where available, as that’s where most of you guys are from. Some of the links are uniquely affiliated to me, which helps support the work that I put in to creating these posts for you; so thanks for purchasing through them if you do!

Of course, I’ve bought all of these products myself and can recommend all of them!

Atomos Ninja Assassin/Flame

Atomos Ninja Assassin/Flame – £1100-1200

The main product from my haul, this 7″ field monitor/recorder is capable of recording 4K footage to an SSD from your 4K camera. There’s since been a new model released, the Atomos Ninja Flame which has a 10-bit HDR screen perfect for log footage.

SanDisk 480gb Ultra II

SanDisk 480gb Ultra II – £100-140

The SSD needed to record footage with an Atomos. This type of storage media is far cheaper, faster and more reliable than SD cards. You could even edit straight off the drive for speedy workflows.

Atomos Battery 5200mAh

Atomos Battery 5200mAh – £50-100

Standard NP-L batteries are compatible with the Atomos Ninja Assassin, though I bought the Atomos branded ones. I have no idea why, but the price of these has double since I bought mine back in December.

Atomos Dual Battery Charger

Atomos Dual Battery Charger – £40-100

This dual battery charger comes with international adapters to charge in different countries, as well as a removable plate system to fit other battery types. Similar to the battery, I have no idea why the price has inflated so much since I bought mine 😔

Atomos USB 3.0 Docking Station

Atomos USB 3.0 Docking Station – £40-50

Use this dock to quickly attach your Atomos SSD to your computer without removing it from the Atomos casing.

Coiled HMDI Cable

Coiled HMDI Cable – £30-40

A shorter coiled HDMI cable for when the Atomos Ninja Assassin is on top of the camera. I opted for the right-angle fitting to reduce any risk of it unplugging. Make sure to get the right HDMI type for your camera. I use the Micro-HDMI with the Sony A7R II.

Phot-R L-Bracket

Phot-R L-Bracket – £10-20

A small but sturdy extended grip for assisting with attaching the Atomos Ninja Assassin along with the Rode VideoMic Pro.

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder – £100-140

This magic box enables direct connection between my Sony A7R II and my Mac for the live streaming shows that I am planning to start. Follow me on Twitter to get updates about when I will do them!

LaCie Porsche Design 8tb HDD

LaCie Porsche Design 8tb HDD – £230-250

This is a fairly simple external USB 3.0 hard drive, but in a large 8tb capacity—perfect for use as a Time Machine backup for my iMac.

G-Technology G-Drive 3tb Thunderbolt HDD

G-Technology G-Drive 3tb Thunderbolt HDD – £260-280

This Thunderbolt drive is perfect for storing my current video project files and even works well as a scratch disk when editing.

Twelve South PlugBug

Twelve South PlugBug – £40-50

This little fella is an absolute must for any travelling Mac user. Not only does it extend your plugging options to worldwide use, with the included adapters; it also conveniently has a USB port built-in for charging your devices!

2-Power Universal Battery Charger

2-Power Universal Battery Charger – £15-20

If you need a charger to charge almost any type of battery, this is it. Simply adjust the pins to the correct + – polarities on your battery and you can safely keep things juiced up! There’s even a USB port on the side and a 9v car adapter included.

Inateck USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure

Inateck USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure – £10-20

This USB 3.0 hard drive caddy is fairly inexpensive and can be used with the SSD listed above along with other spare drives you may need housing.

BlackRapid Metro

BlackRapid Metro – £40-50

If I need a strap when shooting with my Sony A7R II, the Blackrapid Metro is perfect. It’s very lightweight, comfortable and a breeze to use!

JJC Sony Remote Control

JJC Sony Remote Control – £10-15

This little remote can control my Sony A7R II from a distance when filming my videos for YouTube.

Canon RC-6 Remote Control

Canon RC-6 Remote Control – £10-15

The Canon RC-6 is probably the simplest remote you can get for a camera. Easy!

Lowepro Media Case 30

Lowepro Media Case 30 – £10-20

This case can hold about 10-15 of my different batteries, as well as media cards which makes for easy transitions between various bags.

Anker 7-Port USB 3.0 Data and Power Hub

Anker 7-Port USB 3.0 Data and Power Hub – £30-40

To extend the number of available USB 3.0 ports on my Mac, this hub comes in very handy! With 3 additional charging hubs for a wide range of devices, you won’t be caught short for a while!

Phew, what a list! As I said previously, these weren’t all bought in one go, but more of a collection of recent purchases since Japan, mixed with a few items bought before I went travelling. Hopefully it’s helped you our or inspired you to get involved with some of this tech. If it has, leave a comment below saying which is your favourite item!

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