New Video – What’s in my Camera Bag?

As promised for reaching 1,000 subscribers on YouTube only a week ago (I’m now already at 1,150!) I’ve made a video showing what’s inside my camera bag! This is a video that has been widely requested by many people through comments on my other videos, tweets to me and even direct emails through this website, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

There’s a huge amount of videos in this category online and I’ve seen a ton of them. I’m glad to finally have my own video in the mix with all the others and hopefully there are a few tips in my video that will be useful to a lot of people.

This post is going to be pretty long, so grab a cup of tea, check out the video below and then read on for links to a lot of the products featured! By the way, if any of the links appear to be broken or incorrect, please let me know in the comments – thanks!

Competition now closed

#JA3K Winner. Congrates @og_griz

Update: The #JA3K competition is now closed as I have reached 3,000 subscribers on YouTube (thank you!) The lucky winner as chosen at random is @og_griz on Twitter who tweeted on June 30th. Stay tuned for an update on which photo will be chosen!

As mentioned in the video, there is a competition open to those who share this video with the hashtag #JA3K on either Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. Entries to the competition will need to be publicly viewable and not from private or protected accounts.

When I reach 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, I will be choosing someone at random from all of the hashtagged shares of this video and sending out an A3 photo print of one of my photographs from my portfolio.

The winner will have personal choice over which photo they would like to receive, so long as it is publicly viewable within my photography portfolio.

Participants may enter the competition as many times as they like to increase their chances of winning the prize and no purchase shall be necessary.

The closing date for this competition will be when my YouTube reaches 3,000 subscribers.

Equipment List

Now then, on with the list of all the equipment shown in the video above! Where possible, I have linked directly to the product I own, or the latest version of it. If you prefer, you can jump directly to each section with the following links: Bags, Cameras, Lenses and other equipment, Accessories, Tripod and Stands etc. and Miscellaneous Items.

The bags, themselves

I use a few different camera bags depending on the event or equipment I’m carrying. Generally I’ll only ever take one bag with me, but occassionally I’ll have two.

Lowepro Computrekker Plus AW

Lowepro Computrekker Plus AW – £70 from eBay

This is my largest camera bag and holds a massive amount of gear as seen in the video, yet it’s still extremely comfortable to carry. I think Lowepro have discontinued this current model though as it’s quite hard to find online except for eBay.

Lowepro Fastpack 250

Lowepro Fastpack 250 – £59 from Amazon

The smallest of my three bags is designed in a way that makes it easy to have camera gear alongside regular day to day things. There’s also a handy slot at the back for a 15″ laptop.

Lowepro Transit 350 AW

Lowepro Transit 350 AW – £98 from Amazon

I use this bag most often as it’s large enough to carry a lot of gear with a full front opening as well as a side access hatch. The design is smart in the way it can double up as a 2-part bag similar to the Fastpack. There is also a handy slot for a 15″ laptop at the back.


Not all of my cameras were featured within my video as some of them were being used to film the video itself! Here are all of my cameras that I currently use anyway.

Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D – £599 from DigitalRev

This is my main camera body currently and performs extremely well for my photography and video needs. The vari-angle touchscreen display is actually very useful for video work and the 7 frames per second is great for sports work. In the near future, I may be upgrading my gear to include either the yet-to-be-released 5DSR or 7D mkII for even more performance.

Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 50D – Discontinued

My backup/secondary camera is my old 50D. Even though it’s a good few years old, it’s still very reliable and performs well for me. The main downside to this camera due to it’s age is that it doesn’t do video. The image links through to the 70D which is the latest iteration within this line of cameras.

Canon BG-E14 Battery Grip

Canon BG-E14 Battery Grip – £99 from DigitalRev

I like to have a battery grip on my cameras for many reasons. Mainly, I love having the portrait controls when flipping the camera vertically, the longer battery life and also the added weight to the camera which helps to balance the weight of a long and heavy lens on the front.

Canon Powershot G7 X

Canon Powershot G7 X – £365 from DigitalRev

This compact camera was one of my best buys from 2014. I use it mostly for video work and the quality is incredible, especially with regards to the stabilisation. I didn’t actually show this in the video because it was being used to film the video itself.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro Hero4 Silver – £279 from Amazon

I like to use the Hero4 Silver because of the touchscreen on the back. Having the display makes it so much easier to compose a shot and review playback when needed. I would like to have the black version, but I don’t think I’m in any rush for 4K footage… yet.

Instax Wide 210

Instax Wide 210 – £64.95 from Amazon

This camera is heaps of fun! Instant printed images for lifetime memories. I tend to take this with me to significant events such as birthdays and then stick the photos on my wall next to my desk for quick viewing. I’m aware that I said the name of this camera incorrectly in the video as the Wide 300, mine is actually the older model, the Wide 210. Oops!

Lenses and other equipment

Over the years, I have built up a collection of lenses for various uses. For most of my needs, these lenses cover the majority of my work and I’m very happy with them.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM – £1,399 from DigitalRev

I use this lens a huge amount because I love it so much. It’s one of the fastest and sharpest lenses I have ever used – what else would expect from an ‘L’ series lens? It’s pretty much the perfect focal length for most of the events photography that I do and some close-range sports work.

Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8 L

Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8 L – £1,279 from DigitalRev

This is my everyday everything lens and is pretty great for the majority of my work. The focal length is wide enough for landscape work and the zoom allows for added flexibility. The glass in this lens is premium ‘L’ quality and delivers super-sharp results. I’ve heard the mkII is even better!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM – £235 from DigitalRev

This was the first prime lens I ever bought and instantly fell in love with it. The 1.4 aperture is great for fast low light shooting and provides a lovely and soft bokeh (background blur).

Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM

Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM – £99 from DigitalRev

This is the cheapest lens I’ve ever bought and I would recommend it to everyone. The quality and sharpness of the images produced is impeccable.

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM – £119 from DigitalRev

Similar to my other pancake lens (the 40mm above), the small form-factor of this lens makes it extremely portable and light weight for easy use.

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM – £279 from DigitalRev

My widest lens at 10mm, this is great for wide landscape shots and interior work in cramped spaces.

Canon Speedlite 430EX

Canon Speedlite 430EX – £179 from DigitalRev

Not being much of a strobist photographer, I don’t use this flash a great deal. However, it was one of the best accessories I ever purchased giving instant results in improving my image quality when bouncing the light off ceilings.


Blackrapid Yeti Dual Camera Strap

Blackrapid Yeti Dual Camera Strap – £100 from Amazon

The Blackrapid strap system is extremely popular worldwide for fast and comfortable photography use. I got the yeti version to double up with the sport features and double camera capabilities.

Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce Flash Diffuser

Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce Flash Diffuser – £13.49 from Amazon

Give your flash the effect of a bright lamp in the room with the omni-bounce diffuser. Image quality can often be improved when using this adapter for your flash.

B.I.G. Flash Diffuser

B.I.G. Flash Diffuser – £9.42 from Amazon

Another diffuser for my flash, this is more of a portable option as it can be stuffed pretty much anywhere in any bag.

Phottix Cleon II Wire/Wireless Remote

Phottix Cleon II Wire/Wireless Remote – £38.46 from Amazon

For wireless triggering, I use this adapter. It is only compatible with my 50D however, so I can’t use it with newer cameras.

Zoom H4N

Zoom H4N – £169.99 from Amazon

This microphone/recorder wasn’t shown in the video because it was being used when filming to capture the audio. It’s probably one of the most popular audio recording devices for DSLR filmmakers with built-in stereo microphones, XLR inputs and standard 3.5mm mic inputs.

Zoom APH-4N Accessory Pack

Zoom APH-4N Accessory Pack – £39.99 from Amazon

This accessory pack has a handful of great products, most notably the microphone windshield and Zoom H4N remote.

RØDE VideoMic Pro

RØDE VideoMic Pro – £129.99 from Amazon

This is an excellent quality on-camera run and gun shotgun microphone. Its compact size and crisp quality make it very popular with DSLR filmmakers, not to mention the great price too!

RØDE Deadcat Furry Windshield for VideoMic Pro

RØDE Deadcat Furry Windshield for VideoMic Pro – £24.99 from Amazon

To protect the audio quailty when recording outside, this deadcat attaches fairly easily over the VideoMic Pro. It’s an essential item for filming outdoors.

XCSource 10 Filter Adapter Set + 6 Filters

XCSource 10 Filter Adapter Set + 6 Filters – £10.99 from Amazon

I bought these cheap filters from Amazon as a way to decide if I wanted to invest in more filters and what kind etc. It turns out that they’re not all that bad themselves, so I’ve kept them!

SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB SDHC

SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB SDHC – £30.81 from Amazon

I only ever buy Sandisk extreme memory cards as I’ve never had a problem with them on stability, performance or durability.

Lexar Professional Multi-Card Dual Slot USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader

Lexar Professional Multi-Card Dual Slot USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader – £34.99 from Amazon

Likewise with a memory card, it’s important to have a fast card reader for reliable and fast image importing at the end of a shoot.

Tripods and stands etc.

Manfrotto 190 Aluminium Tripod with Horizontal Column

Manfrotto 190 Aluminium Tripod with Horizontal Column – £184.95 from Amazon

This tripod is excellent as an all-round tripod. It’s strong enough for DSLR video work and has an impressive centre column that can be flipped horizontally for unique angles.

Manfrotto 680B Monopod

Manfrotto 680B Monopod – £61.95 form Amazon

This is a pretty standard and compact monopod which is useful for sports photography to reduce the strain when using long heavy lenses.

Manfrotto 804RC2 Basic Pan & Tilt Head

Manfrotto 804RC2 Basic Pan & Tilt Head – £75.95 from Amazon

For my tripod I have a standard pan and tilt head to cover basic photography and even some video needs. I’ll sometimes even add this to my monopod for extra versatility.

Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom

Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom – £50 from Amazon

I barely notice this tripod when carrying it around. I simply wrap it around my bag strap and grab it when I need it!


Spiderholster – £104.99 from Amazon

When shooting with multiple cameras, I will often use this to take the weight off my shoulders and onto my hips. It reduces the strain on your muscles but maintains the accessibility of grabbing the second camera.

Miscellaneous items

DigitalRev DSLR Camera Gifts Package

DigitalRev DSLR Camera Gifts Package – £8.99 from DigitalRev

This little gift pack has a couple of essential items such as a cleaning cloth, sensor blower and a few little pouches. I think it actually came free with my camera, but it’s come in handy many times!

Cold Shoe Screw Adapter with 1/4 inch Thread/Screw

Cold Shoe Screw Adapter with 1/4 inch Thread/Screw – £5.99 from Amazon

To attach a GoPro or other tripod mounted accessory to my camera, I use this cold shoe adapter in the hot shoe mount of my camera.


SMALLRIG ® 2PCS 1/4 – £1.72 from Amazon

To attach a GoPro to the barrel of my 70-200 with the tripod foot, I use this reverse tripod thread adapter with the cold shoe adapter above.

Glass Triangular Prism 15cm

Glass Triangular Prism 15cm – £6.22 from Amazon

For interesting light effects, this glass prism can be a fun way to make your photos unique!

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape – £0.49 from Amazon

To make sure that I adhere to the rules of certain events with regards to length of lenses allowed, I carry a small measuring tape in my bag.

Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook

Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook – £7.10 from Amazon

I never leave the hous without a notebook, just incase I need to jot something down or sketch out an idea. I prefer the squared pages rather than ruled.

Sharpie Fine Permanent Maker

Sharpie Fine Permanent Maker – £2.51 (3 pack) from Amazon

You’ll never know when you’ll need a permanent pen, so it’s great to have one!

Gaffer Tape

Gaffer Tape – £7.98 from B&Q

A photographer’s best friend; gaffer tape leaves no sticky residue making it perfect for marking out a location, fixing focus on your lens or making quick repairs to something.

Gloves for Touchscreens

Gloves for Touchscreens – £10.69 from Amazon

My hands are terrible for dry skin so I pretty much have to wear gloves outside from around October to April. I like to carry a thin pair of gloves with me so that I can still access all the controls on my cameras. These ones also work with touchscreens such as my iPhone and camera screens.


Batteries – £13.06 (32 pack) from Amazon

A lot of camera accessories need to be battery powered. Always make sure you have a large supply of batteries available to you. I like to have standard batteries as well as rechargeables just in case they run out of juice and I desperately need some.

Kleenex Balsam Multipack Tissues

Kleenex Balsam Multipack Tissues – £8.37 (16 pack)

I get an enormous amount of nosebleeds througout the year (apparently I’ll grow out of it), so it’s best to be prepared with some tissues in every bag.

Rotary Chronograph Watch

Rotary Chronograph Watch – £165.99 from Amazon

A lot of people comment on my videos asking what my watch is, so I’ve included it here too! It was actually a gift from my Dad when I graduated from University but I’ve managed to track it down online too. It seems to fluctuate in and out of stock quite frequently, so you may have to keep an eye on it.

Phew, what a list!

Thanks for making it to the end of this post, I know it’s a long one! Hopefully you will find some of these products very useful for your own camera bag. Leave a comment below with your own suggestions on what you recommend for your camera bag!

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  1. Hi Joe,

    This is Benjamin from China, just watched your nice video on youtube.
    For a short-transition-time use, which lens would you like to recommend for landscape? Thanks a lot.
    A. 50mm F1.8
    B. 40mm F2.8
    C. 24mm F2.8

    1. Hey Benjamin! I would recommend the 24 2.8 for landscape work because you’ll be able to fit more in your shot. However, for any type of shooting when travelling, I would probably personally take the 40mm as I find it to be an aesthetically pleasing focal length that gets into some of the details in a scene, but not too far zoomed in, yet also not too wide. In answer to your other question, I import my photos to Lightroom as normal, edit them, then export them to my Dropbox folder. I then pick them up on my iPhone for posting to Instagram for example.

      1. Hi Joe,
        Thanks for your reply!
        1. 24 2.8 will work out good quality images? I guess 40 2.8 can take satisfied pictures.
        2. I mean what some import device you use for iPhone, when camping or at outdoor.
        3. I like use LR and VSCO as well, also “Phonto” for text work and some good effects.

        Look forward watching your nice video and picture more 🙂

      2. Yeah the quality will be great! You could even look to the Sigma Art series or Canon L series for that focal length as well, if you’re willing to save up a bit more cash. If I wanted to send a photo directly from my Camera to my iPhone, I would just use the built-in WiFi on the camera, but to be honest I rarely do that and most of my photos go via my mac.

      3. Thanks for your answers. ))

  2. BTW, do you use some SD-card instant reader for iPhone when you are at outdoor?

  3. Can you send me a picture of your own post card please ! behind and front both?

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