Video – How I Easily Edit My Photos

People ask me about this all the time, so I thought I should finally put a video together detailing the basic adjustments that I apply to almost every photo I edit. Obviously every photo is different and a number of extra things can be required etc. So this is just the very basic and most common of scenarios.

Watch the video above and then take a look at the original raw photo followed by the final edited photo below. If you found that parts of the video weren’t clear or would like further explanation, please leave a comment letting me know! I’m really trying to grow my online presence this year, including my YouTube channel so it would mean a lot to me if you subscribed to my channel if you enjoyed this video!

The original raw photo

The original raw photo

The original raw photo


The edited photo

The edited photo

The final edited photo



Update on #TOKYJOE

You’ll notice that the photo I used in this video is one from my recent trip to Tokyo. Just to keep you informed, I am about halfway through the edit for my main Tokyo video and photo edits and will hopefully have them online by the end of the month!

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  2. Thanks dude! It’s amazing!

  3. nice edit
    Where can I find those gradients maps?

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