New Video – Triggertrap Long Exposure Photo Walk and Review

A couple of weeks ago, I went on Triggertrap‘s first long exposure photo walk along Southbank in central London. It was quite possibly one of the geekiest things I’ve ever done… so naturally I made a video about it and uploaded it to the internet. That’s normal, right?

The plan was to meet up with other photographers and then walk East along Southbank getting some long exposure photos of landmarks along the river. I somehow managed to lose the group about halfway through the evening which cut my experience somewhat short, but I still had a great time!

Check out the video below of the walk and see my experience using the Triggertrap for the very first time. Then continue on reading for the photos I got during the night.

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I thoroughly enjoyed using the Triggertrap and found the app to be super-slick and easy to use! Most of the time I was just using the standard trigger mode, but occasionally I got some time-lapse footage as well. The hardware was extremely reliable with no faults at all; and the phonetrap holder for holding my iPhone in place was very solid leaving me with no worries about it falling out.

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Triggertrap and phonetrap

The hardware felt solid and sturdy which was reassuring because my phone was held within it!

Throughout the evening, I was testing out some long exposures using the Triggertrap. These are some of the photos I got from the evening as shown in the video.


Just as I was leaving to go home, I spotted this opportunity for a shot off Blackfriar’s bridge.

Triggertrap devices are actually very affordable at around £30. Compare this with other intervalometer devices that have nowhere near as many features and cost around three times as much, you are literally laughing. Take a look on Triggertrap’s site for the right model for your camera gear and you won’t regret it!

Triggertrap store

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  1. Where’s your LE pics?

    1. Literally every photo in this post, except for the one of me holding the camera, is a long exposure.

      If I had an ND filter, I would have loved to have done longer exposures because it was still quite bright when taking the shots and the water was rough.

      1. Ah, OK. I should’ve paid more attention to that silky water. 🙂

  2. Hi,Joe Recently came across your works, blog and videos, loving it. I also learnt you are using 24-70 lens on a crop sensor camera, is it for the extreme sharpness only? coz 24-70 on APS-C means roughly 38mm equivalent lens(wide angle side) right?

    1. Hey! Yes I use a 24-70 about 75% of the time. It’s an incredible lens with amazing build quality and it’s extremely sharp as you say. It really doesn’t matter that I’m using it on a crop-sensor though, it’s better than any other 24-70 so why limit myself to just EF-S lenses? The focal range suits me very well for the style of shooting that I enjoy and I do also have a 16-35 and 10-20 if I want to go ultra-wide, but that’s quite rare really.

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