Sue Murphy – OFFSET 2015

The presentation from Sue Murphy was one that I could really resonate with on a personal level. Throughout her career she has had similar milestones from an early age that has left her confused and unsure of where to head next. From working at huge international companies, changing cities and learning new skills, she struggled to find satisfaction for her work. Whereas many other people would perceive her level to be incredibly high and at a stage where she’d “made it”, she found that she had no emotion towards the big international companies. Things were too corporate, creatively draining or just simply boring.

She said that she had calls to go work at companies such as Apple, yet she felt nothing towards working there.

Sue Murphy at OFFSET 2015 – Corporate pressures

Some of the struggles Sue had working at large agencies or with corporate companies.

She found that the emotions of working at companies and negative feelings can change your direction at any time. Throughout her career she has always been fine-tuning where she fits within the industry or current company she’s working at. The main mantra she lives by seems to be that nothing is set and success is not a predefined level. If you’re not happy where you are, don’t stay there just because everyone else says they’d be happy there. This is exactly how I felt when I had my transitioning period to independence last year. Working for large well-known companies isn’t always the glorious dream.

Sue Murphy at OFFSET 2015 – Presentation theme

The structure to Sue’s talk was based about always learning and developing herself.

Sue Murphy at OFFSET 2015 - Procrastination

This image caused some problems for Sue planning this keynote. Without realising, she procrastinated tremendously to the point where she contacted people from Dulux about the paint on these houses.

Sue Murphy at OFFSET 2015 – Polyhistors

Sue set up a blog a few years ago called Polyhistors. The content was aimed towards polymaths; people who are highly skilled in many industries. Unfortunately the latest blog post is from 2013.

A trend that seemed to be ever more popular this year was speakers using animated GIFs within their slides. GIFs have this unique quality of conveying emotion in a quick, cheap and forgiving way. In just a few seconds, you can gain someone’s description of their feelings through an image of an animal and some bold white text.

Sue Murphy at OFFSET 2015 – "I have no idea what I'm doing"

Along with many other speakers, Sue used internet memes to convey her emotions with the audience.

Sue is now working for Wolff Olins and seems to be very comfortable there, it’s definitely a step up from some of her previous work designing banners and online ads. No one wants to do that.

Sue Murphy at OFFSET 2015 – "I fucking hate banners"

With you there, Sue! No one wants a career designing banners.

Take a look at her website for more information and images of her work at

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