Snask – OFFSET 2015

Day two ended on a massive high as Snask closed out the day with the most energetic talk of the weekend. Like, seriously energetic. They had a live band, excessive swearing, wild humour and a fantastic company culture. Like Forsman & Bodenfors, Snask are another Swedish agency who work in both design and film.

Snask at OFFSET 2015 – Awkward group photo

Snask showed a great company culture during their presentation. They’re not afraid to laugh at themselves and put themselves in the spotlight.

Snask at OFFSET 2015 – Another Awkward Group Photo

In fact, they’re pretty much in love with themselves.

Amongst the entertaining performance, they actually did show some of their work with the use of video highlights which was quite effective. Throughout the weekend, I realised that I was often much more engaged with a presentation if the work being displayed was in a pre-made edited video. It saves for the fumbling and scatty nature of just skipping through slides of images. They showed some work for Malmö festival 2014, which entailed some large 3D typography that was built up to create the poster for the festival and later be used as an interactive installation at the festival. I loved their reenactment of how they had to kern the letters from a crane way above, shouting “left a bit… a bit more… keep fucking going”.

Snask at OFFSET 2015 – Malmo poster

Large 3D typography used for the poster of Malmo festival in Sweden.

As far as their presentation went, I can imagine a lot of people would hate it. I honestly thought I would be part of that camp too, but I really couldn’t help myself be entertained. As much as they were extravagant and purposely a bit over-the-top, they actually put a great amount of effort into their hour slot.

Snask at OFFSET 2015 – "Use more colour often"

Snask at OFFSET 2015 – "Stand out and give something different, spoil the shit out of them"

It’s hard to remember specific details about the work they showed, but I can definitely say that their presentation was one that sticks out in an instant… if that makes sense?

Take a look at some more of Snask’s work over at

Make Enemies & Gain Fans

Make Enemies & Gain Fans – £242.33 on Amazon

Snask have released a book on creative entrepreneurship where you will “learn how to pee on yourself, tell pink lies and why making enemies is a good thing”.

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