Shout Out: Craig McCormick AKA Destructive Pixels

As some of you are aware, I have a section on my site allowing people to send me direct messages. This was originally used for generating new business, but as my online profiles have grown, this has transformed into an overflowing bank of fan mail – for which I am very grateful.

I read and reply to every single one of these messages and I thoroughly enjoy reading how my videos/posts have helped people in some way, or whether they are just simply enjoying them. I am truly flattered by the kindness in some people and appreciate the time it takes to send such a message. Thank you!

Because of these messages, I felt the need to branch out and share my own comments with other like-minded content creators. A couple of months ago, when researching “What’s in My Camera Bag” videos, I stumbled upon Craig McCormick AKA Destructive Pixels. I enjoyed his personality and video showing his equipment, so I started snooping around his channel to see what other videos he had made!

As a bit of background information, Craig is primarily a landscape photographer with added travel and lifestyle images thrown into his portfolio. Originally from Scotland, Craig now lives in Shanghai which gives his content an extra element of interest, as it’s a city I know little about but am very interested in.

Regular video uploads and content

I was very pleased to discover that Craig has a regular schedule of weekly (mostly) YouTube videos posting vlogs and updates that are of a similar nature to my own channel. It seems quite rare to find photographers who make similar videos to us when out and about, so I am all the more pleased for discovering him!

Having seen a few of his videos and read some of his blog posts, I felt it was time I sent him a personal message of my appreciation for his efforts! Since that initial message back in April, we have become sort of internet pals and maintain regular plans for future collaborations (being based in Shanghai makes this all the more difficult, but collaborations should happen soon). We’re also fairly new to the big YouTube scene in terms of gaining fast success. I’ve seen Craig grow from under 3,000 subscribers to almost 5,000; so this will definitely be a journey shared as we hopefully gain more exposure!

Today I realised it’s his birthday, and I thought it all the more suitable to bring this post forward a few days and publish it today!

Check out some more of Craig’s videos and subscribe to him on YouTube for more content! You could even comment on one of his videos saying I sent you there 😉

DJI Inspire 1 – Test footage

DJI Inpsire 1 – Behind the scenes vlog

Visiting Lamma Island in Hong Kong

Timelapse photography in Shanghai

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