Rotolight, Techlink Recharge, Manfrotto PIXI and Other Purchases

This past month, I’ve bought a few items for my work and I thought it would be great to share my thoughts on them and explain why I bought them!

I’ve made a video going through each item which you can watch below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of my YouTube channel whilst you’re there!

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As I mentioned in the video, most of these items are going to be very useful for my photography work, but some of them have miscellaneous uses. Take a look through each item below with links to where you can buy them online. In the nature of transparency, some of these links are affiliate links which help towards supporting this blog – thanks!

Rotolight Creative Colour Kit

Rotolight Creative Colour Kit – £99 from Amazon

This is a portable on-camera lighting solution for video and macro photography. I’d been eyeing up some options over the past few months, but when I saw this at the Calumet open day with a free bag, ball head and extra colour filters, I just had to have it!

This will mostly be used for my video work on my YouTube channel and should hopefully come in very handy!

Techlink Recharge 12000mAh

Techlink Recharge 12000mAh – £89.95 from Amazon

Our phones are so important for every aspect of our work these days, that it’s paramount to keep the batteries as charged as possible. With the growth of my YouTube and Instagram accounts, I have been gaining more notifications, activity and business leads which has really affected my battery life and has lead me to buying this portable battery pack. Some great things with this Techlink battery is the huge capacity (around 6 charges of an iPhone), dual USB ports, built-in stand and complimentary case. This battery can also be used to charge my GoPro and other USB devices when out filming.

Manfrotto PIXI

Manfrotto PIXI – £17.95 from Amazon

Having a portable tripod with you at all times is actually very useful. There have been times when I’ve wanted to get some bonus footage for my videos and needed a steadier shot, so having this Manfrotto PIXI will definitely be very useful. The build quality is fantastic and it’s also priced exceptionally well at under £20!

Apple Lightning Dock

Apple Lightning Dock – £35 from Apple

I’ve always preferred having my iPhone docked on my desk for better presentation and convenience when charging it at work. However, I was deeply disappointed when Apple failed to release a dock suitable for the iPhone 6 which meant that I wasn’t as frequently charging and syncing my iPhone. I’m glad they finally released a dock, though I do wish it was cheaper…

Muji Pouches

Muji Pouches – £2.95 from Muji

I’ve bought a few of these Muji Pouches before for storing my portable hard drives and other desk items (check out my desk setup video+item list), but I’ve now got a couple more of the smaller sized ones for holding some camera items, so that I can sling them into my other bags without worrying about damaging them.

Nike Air Pegasus+30 Night Factor/Atomic Orange

Nike Air Pegasus+30 Night Factor/Atomic Orange – Around £60-90 at various stores

I primarily bought these shoes for running, but when I first wore them, it struck me that I should definitely wear these when out on long-distance photography events. Keeping your feet comfortable and supported throughout the day is key to a successful day of shooting and is overall much healthier for you. I honestly swear these shoes are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn!

It’s a little hard finding the exact colour option online for the price I originally paid, but I have linked them to Amazon where the price seems to fluctuate.

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I hope you enjoyed this list of products that I’ve bought, let me know if there’s anything similar you’ve bought recently, or if this has been helpful in making a decision on something to buy next! Leave a comment, or drop me a message on any of the following social networks!

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