Niels Shoe Meulman – OFFSET 2015

Opening with a few slides displaying his “script”, Niels didn’t want to talk. Instead, he seemed much more comfortable showing some videos of his work through the years.

Niels Shoe Meulman at OFFSET 2015

Niels had his whole “script” written out as a slide. He was the only speaker to do this.

I couldn’t help but find Niels’ talk quite humorous. Something about his dutch accent made everything seem like he was being sarcastic or insincere which was hilarious. He spoke mainly about his calligraphic work and how it lead to him beginning the art of calligraffiti and abstract vandalism, which is exactly as it sounds – calligraphy and graffiti merged. Using equipment such as garden brushes, he is able to paint beautiful text on large surfaces.

Whether using paint, water or ink he is able to translate his artwork onto any surface. Sometimes the most interesting features are actually the way in which the marks can change through time such as evaporating water, or ink soaking into a canvas.

Niels Shoe Meulman at OFFSET 2015

A still from some of his calligraphy work using brushes and inks.

Louis Vuitton – Muhammad Ali

Take a look at some of the work Niels did with Louis Vuitton for a feature on Muhammad Ali with Mos Def, using ink and a broom in a boxing ring.

Of all the talks over the weekend, Niels was actually the shortest; finishing around 35 minutes early, we rather abruptly found ourselves heading out for a long lunch. I guess that’s pretty apt for someone who didn’t want to talk in the first place.

View more of Niels work at


Calligraffiti – £19.99 from Amazon

Niels has also released a book about his Calligraffiti showing information and imagery about his processes and work.

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