New YouTube Channel Trailer + Other Social Media Updates

Hey there, everyone! I’ve got some updates across all of my social profiles that I’d like to share on this blog, read on to see the changes and follow me across each of the networks!


First and foremost, as you probably know already, I have been building up my YouTube channel over the past year and I couldn’t be happier with the response I’ve had since starting! I’ve now posted 20-something videos and have a fast-growing audience of over 4,000+ subscribers — thank you!

I have a lot of plans for my YouTube channel and will hopefully continue my streak of weekly videos well into the future. For this week, I have published my channel trailer. This is something I’ve been working on for a little while and will hopefully prove successful in showcasing a series of highlights for my YouTube so far and building up our little community.

Check out my new channel trailer below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Alongside my new channel trailer, I have also been working on some adjustments to my artwork/branding across all of my social profiles. When I started out with my YouTube channel, I was unsure of the direction I would take things. I knew there would be a lot of creative content, but I was unsure on what the balance would be between design, photography and technology. Now that I’m a few videos in, I have found a direction I want to take my channel and content and feel much more confident with the overall look and feel of my profiles.

Old YouTube Branding

This was the old YouTube channel branding

New YouTube Branding with Trailer

This is the new YouTube branding with the trailer for new visitors in place

As you can see in the trailer above and my new artwork, I want to emphasise the travel aspect of my content a lot more as I will soon be doing an extremely large amount of travelling (announcements coming in the next few months 😬). Alongside some simplifications to the colour palette in my imagery, I have also adjusted the wording slightly in my artwork from “Creative | Social | Lifestyle” to “Creative • Travel • Lifestyle”. It’s a subtle difference overall, but I’m really pleased with the overall look. I find it to be much cleaner and less distracting than previously!


Instagram has long been one of my favourite online profiles. Ever. In the five years since it launched… I know, five years?!… I’ve grown to love it even more. I now follow a lot more inspirational photographers and people who I generally do not know, as opposed to just friends and family (sorry guys!) and it’s been a huge help in maintaining my inspiration and pushing me to post my own Instagrams more often!

I try and post a few times a week now and along with my growing YouTube channel, I’ve started to see the same familiar faces hopping over to my Instagram to join in with the conversation — hey guys! If you’d like to see more of my photography on a regular basis, then you should definitely go and follow me on Instagram!


Screenshots from Periscope

As one of the most recent social networks, Persicope has captured my interest immensely. From watching how people interact on Periscope, I now have a good understanding of a direction I want to take my own profile. I broadcast as often as is appropriate, about daily activities related to the creative industries I am a part of (photography and design) as well as the occasional parcel unboxing — a regular feature for my followers!

Periscope have also just recently launched these broadcast buttons that will show when I am broadcasting LIVE as well as web profiles, so I can point people directly to my profile rather than through Twitter — so go follow me to catch my latest broadcast!


Not much has changed about my Twitter profile over the past couple of years, if I’m honest. I still post regular updates to what I’m doing, as well as links to new work and the work of others that inspires me. So it’s really just a case on continuing on with what I’m already doing on Twitter; albeit with the new artwork now!

Old Twitter Branding

This was my old Twitter profile branding

New Twitter Branding

This is my new Twitter profile branding


You may not be aware, but I have a Facebook page as well! If you’re more of a Facebook person than a Twitter person, I’d highly recommend going and liking my page in order to get all my latest updates!

Old Facebook Branding

This was my old Facebook Page Branding

New Faceboook Branding

This is my new Facebook page branding


If you use Google+, I’ve got also got page on there, which has all of my links to new videos, blog posts and other videos that I appreciate/comment on! I’m also a member of a few communities on there, so you may see me engage in other conversations as well!

Old Google+ Branding

This was the old Google+ branding


This is the new Google+ branding

That's a wrap!

So that’s everything for my updates across all of my social profiles. If you’re new to my content, come and say hi on any of the networks mentioned and hopefully we can start some conversations!

I’m excited to see what the future holds, but one thing I know for sure is that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me on social media over the next year or so! 😀

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