New Work: London Hornets American Football Photography

A few weeks back, I went to my first ever American Football game. One of my close friends plays for the London Hornets and I went along with a few other friends to offer some support and get to understand the game a bit more (I had previously never seen/understood how the game plays).

I also thought this would be a great opportunity to get some more sports photography experience as I’m still very much developing my portfolio in this aspect of photography.

From the single day of shooting, I managed to get quite a few photos that I am incredibly pleased with! I was worried that I wouldn’t have a long enough lens or that the level the guys were playing at would just look very amateur or like an after-school team. I was also worried that the location would look quite bare and obviously at a lower league. However, I’m pretty pleased with how the photos came out and will happily be adding them to my portfolio.

There was definitely an abundance of focus glances from a lot of the team members, deep in their own match analysis along with some other great emotions.

This is actually my friend Lyall, who invited me to come along to the game with a few other friends.

As I mentioned, I’m really pleased with these photos, especially considering they were all from just around an hours shooting on a single day! Make sure to check out the rest of my portfolio where I’ll be adding more photos very soon!

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