New Video about my New Website/Blog Redesign!

I’ve been hard at work recently, redesigning and rebuilding this website from the ground up. For the past few years, I have had a dark style for the design of my site. This was originally created to make images in my portfolio stand out with more impact. However, as I started to blog more I ended up having more written content alongside my images. Light text on a dark background is never comfortable to read large amounts of text, which is why I have completely inverted my colour palette to make reading easier!

Compare the old site to the new site

Check out a video I’ve created above running through the old design and the improvements made in the new design, then have a browse around the new site to what’s different!

Oh, one final thing… my YouTube has been growing pretty rapidly recently and I’m pretty close to 1000 subscribers! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe and share it along to other people; and when I reach 1000 subscribers, I will be making a video about what’s in my camera bag!

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