New Video: Photographing the London Marathon 2015

For the third time since living in London, I went to the London Marathon to get some photography of the runners and build on my sports photography experience. This year, I decided to also vlog the event and I invite you to watch my day and hopefully pick up a few tips on how I set up and take photos for this type of photography.

The very first vlog I ever made was very similar about photographing the Royal Parks Half Marathon, but I am especially pleased with this one for both the video content and also the photos I got from the day. Having been to the Marathon a few times before, I really wanted to focus on the professional athletes this year and get some portfolio shots of the race leaders.

The photos

As you can see in the video above, I didn’t stay for the whole day as the photos do generally tend to look very similar to previous years. The following photos are a few of my favourites from the day and you can see more in my London Marathon portfolio page.

This is Eliud Kipchoge, who won the Men’s elite race.

Close behind the race leader in second place was Wilson Kipsang.

British Heroine Paula Radcliffe (World Record holder for the Women’s marathon and 3-time winner of the London Marathon) was also there on the day running her last competitive race. She looked in great shape having had surgery that threatened her chances of running again and took her time running the course, making sure to wave to people along the way. I was desperate to get a shot of her and managed to get this one which I’m quite pleased with. I think the image is quite iconic for her signature style of running; with high shoulders and tensed neck.

As featured in the video, here are some of the other shots of other runners. Having been to a few high profile running events, I’m beginning to see familiar faces and often get photos of the same runners year-on-year.

As with the previous year’s events, spirits were very high and at oftentimes runners would spot fellow loved ones in the crowd and stop to give them hugs.

If you enjoyed these photos, go see some more of my London Marathon photos from previous years in my portfolio.

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