Long Exposure Night Photography – Failed Instagram Mission (Not!) — New Video

About 7 or 8 weeks ago, on the weekend I went back home to Weston-super-Mare and saw Dismaland, I met up with my good friend Henry to go and shoot some photos late on a Saturday night in Bristol.

We really had no plan whatsoever and were running completely ad-hoc. We thought it would be a great opportunity to film a vlog and show our thought processes for getting some photography. Henry was really interested in learning about how long exposure photography worked, so I thought I’d teach him!

At the time, we honestly thought our efforts were wasted and that we didn’t really get any decent shots. I guess it just goes to show that if you try and try again, you WILL eventually get something! Enjoy the video and read on for more photos from the night.

It’s amazing how different images can look when you’re not outside in cold, dark and wet weather! Check out these images below and let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Chew Valley Lake

This image isn’t anything special really, which is why we decided to get some long exposure car trails instead.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Chew Valley Lake Road Car Trails

As a first shot, the exposure is okay, but the timing of the shot with the car travelling up the road made it too bright.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Chew Valley Lake Road Car Trails

As shown in the video, continual adjustments and alterations can really change how a photo looks.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Chew Valley Lake Road Car Trails

The light was fading rapidly whilst we were out shooting, which made it harder to get decent results.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Chew Valley Lake Road Car Trails

Before heading off to the City Centre, we got some extra shots of this hut in the darkness.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Chew Valley Lake Road Car Trails

Another shot of the hut.

From starting at Chew Valley Lake, we decided to move on to Bristol City Centre and check out the view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Considering we didn’t plan very much and it wasn’t great conditions for getting photos, I am really pleased with this shot!
By the way, I used my Triggertrap as a cable release for my camera. You can watch one of my earlier videos from when I first used a Triggertrap on their photo walk through London.

Triggertrap Mobile Kit

Triggertrap Mobile Kit – £29.99 from Triggertrap

Connect this fella up to your camera and smartphone to get incredible remote control features! You can use the power of your smartphone’s sensors to set up time-lapse photography, sound triggers or distance based triggers.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Clifton View
Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Clifton View

A slightly wider shot of the previous one above.

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge Dangerous

This guy is living life to the limit, by standing on the edge of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The weather conditions really started to deteriorate whilst we were at the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It was raining hard (though you can’t tell much in the video!) and we started getting water droplets on the lens. At the time, I was quite annoyed with this, but I actually quite like the effect to represent our evening!

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Clifton View

Our final stop was at the Trenchyard Street car park. We thought we’d have great views across the whole of Bristol, but unfortunately we really didn’t. Bristol isn’t that lit up at night, which was both surprising and disappointing. This was the only shot I took from the car park. Again, at the time I took it, I wasn’t too pleased with it. But having edited it, I really love it!

Long Exposure Night Photography Bristol Trenchyard Street Car Park View

What can you learn from this?

The main take-aways from this photography trip are:
• If you want to go out and shoot… go out and shoot! It’s the only way to improve.
• Always keep trying, even if you feel something is failing.
• Sometimes the weather conditions can make you uncomfortable and not appreciate your shot. Always review them with an open mind on a large screen at home!
• Have fun when you’re out shooting. I hope you can tell from the video how great it was to just hang out and take photos with no pressure on anything. Enjoy it!

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