GoPro Hero4 Session: First Thoughts

Today, GoPro launched a brand new Hero4 camera due to be released on the 12th of July and they want EVERYONE to know about it. The GoPro Hero4 Session is a teeny-weeny HD camera with the simplest of controls; a single button to start/stop recording.

New products mean new videos!

I first heard about the new camera from an email they sent to me this evening, which lead me to go straight to their YouTube channel and see if they had a new promo video. The Adventure of Life in 4K video they released with the Hero4 last Autumn is still one of my favourite videos on YouTube. It literally has the hairs tingling down my back every time I watch it.

You should definitely watch it in full screen if you have a large display.

There is of course a new video for the Hero4 Session camera and it too is quite epic, though it still doesn’t top the 4K video of last year. It follows more of their previous video recipes of extreme sports montages rather than a more cultural narrative. You can check the new video out below!

The new Session camera looks utterly awesome and is definitely a huge improvement size-wise over the Hero4, though that isn’t exactly large anyway…

It boasts 1080p video footage at 60fps and 720p at 100fps which is pretty much the best resolutions most people will need. As a bonus it can even do 1440p footage for their Superview mode for those who want an extra bit of resolution.

The camera is priced at £329/$399 which puts it in between the Silver and Black models of the full-size Hero4. The Hero4 Black is actually currently on offer on Amazon for about £95 off! I feel the price of the Session kind of makes the camera very unique for a select audience who absolutely need as small a camera as possible. Any average filmmaking needs will be greatly sufficient with the other GoPro cameras, so it’s an interesting market that GoPro are targeting.

Further technical specifications

GoPro have also made a detailed breakdown of the camera and all its specs in a new video on the GoPro Tutorials YouTube channel. It shows a better perspective on how small this camera really is, as well as a run-through of some of the shots from the main video. The voiceover really reminds me of the voice used in the old SSX games when a new course was unlocked. Especially SSX Tricky.

One feature of the new GoPro Hero4 Session is the inclusion of a secondary microphone. This is designed to give the camera some added options for recording clean audio depending on wind direction etc. This is something I am definitely interesting in seeing (hearing?) more of as the microphones on action cameras usually suck! I can pretty much guarantee that we will also be seeing this dual-mic setup on a full-size GoPro very soon as well. I’m betting on October…

Another feature that is great to see is the lack of a need for a waterproof housing. The camera itself is completely sealed which means you don’t need an extra housing just to take it underwater. I’m also pleased to see a new innovation with the new ball joint buckle which appears to offer very flexible options when mounting the camera.

As a bit of a side note, with a camera this small, it really does seem very appealing to the smaller scale drones that are available these days. I’m still waiting on GoPro to release their own form of Drone, especially since DJI released an amazing 4K camera to go with their DJI Inspire 1.

Speaking of GoPro videos, here’s one I made entirely on a GoPro last summer at the Holi One Festival of Colour, check it out!

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