Barber & Osgerby – OFFSET 2015

It was only Edward representing Barber and Osgerby as Jay was away, but but the talk still swayed on a company profile rather than on individual creativity. It was great to understand the processes of the studio who mainly work in the physical realm of product/industrial design. Displaying beautiful furniture designs and conceptual 3D modelling, I kept on wondering “how amazing must this guy’s house be?!”

Barber & Osgerby at OFFSET 2015 – Table design

This table is made from individual pieces of a metal framework with a glass top.

The presentation was very humorous and consistently presented throughout with incredible photography — as is the case for most designer’s presentations.

Barber & Osgerby at OFFSET 2015 – Glass blowing

I was really impressed with the photography throughout the presentation.

A large proportion of the talk was discussing a few large projects. The most interesting for me was a case study on how they designed and manufactured the London 2012 Olympic torch. The Olympics has held a special place in my heart ever since watching the Sydney games in 2000. I literally exploded with excitement for the opening of the London 2012 games after bottling it all up for the 7 years prior.

Hearing about all the finer details and concepts behind the torch really captivated my interest in physical product design. It was also incredibly interesting to hear how much effort and energy went into the pitch for the project over such a short amount of time! Their resourcefulness in tight deadlines really came into play too; you can just about spot an IKEA cutlery holder being used for flame testing in the photo below.

Barber & Osgerby at OFFSET 2015 – Olympic Torch Testing

Prototyping the Olympic Flame involved testing the flame in various weather conditions.

Barber & Osgerby at OFFSET 2015 – Olympic Torch Prototype

This is a 3D model of the proposed Olympic torch.

Barber & Osgerby at OFFSET 2015 – Olympic Torch Materials

Materials and tools used in the Olympic torch.

Barber & Osgerby at OFFSET 2015 – Olympic Torch Pitch

This is the image used for the pitch to win the competition to design the Olympic torch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, which set the weekend up perfectly for high expectations in what was to come. Nice one, Mr. Barber!

View more of their work at

The Design Work of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

The Design Work of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby – £19.35 from Amazon

Check out this book from Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby featuring information and images about their work as award winning designers.

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