Andy Altmann – OFFSET 2015

Andy’s talk was quite possibly the most British of them all. In a very chilled manor, there was humour and honesty to his presentation style. With comments such as “I still feel like a student”, Andy claims he has never had a proper job and still treats his work like college. I don’t blame him, it’s probably the best way to feel about work with continual experimentation and play, nothing would ever feel boring or repetitive.

Andy Altmann at OFFSET 2015 – Work samples

An example of some of Andy’s early sketchbook work.

His presentation was based on a variety of small projects from the early days of Why Not Associates leading up to a large case study on the comedy carpet in Blackpool. There were very detailed behind the scenes explanations and videos for how they built the huge concrete piece of typographic brilliance.

Andy Altmann at OFFSET 2015 – Sorting concrete typography

Each letter in the comedy carpet is an individual piece of concrete that had to be sorted and organised into words.

Andy Altmann at OFFSET 2015 – comedy carpet aerial

An aerial shot of the comedy carpet in Blackpool.

I was seriously impressed with everything to do with the comedy carpet, from the design to the manufacturing process which included thousands of individual concrete letters being painfully organised into even larger slabs of concrete.

Seeing the carpet has now given me a reason to head to Blackpool in the near future. I’d always thought of it being a more glorified version of my hometown Weston-super-Mare, but now there’s art to see!

Andy Altmann at OFFSET 2015 – Comedy carpet

The comedy carpet in Blackpool looks seriously impressive.

See more of Andy’s work with Why Not Associates over at

Why Not Associates? 2: Graphic Design, Film and Photography

Why Not Associates? 2: Graphic Design, Film and Photography – £32 on Amazon

Why Not Associates have released a couple of portfolio books, this is the most recent one which I actually remember seeing at college when I began studying graphic design.

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