Adobe Creative Cloud Event + Adobe Capture App — #CreativeMeetup

Last week I was invited to the Adobe Creative Cloud event, with a main agenda of guest speakers and an interactive showcase of their latest developments within the mobile app space. If I’m honest, I can’t remember exactly when I was invited but it seemed like ages ago! Nevertheless, I found the event in my calendar a few days before and decided I’d vlog the whole experience!

Check out my latest video of the night involving talks from Rufus Deuchler, David Cousens, Craig Oldham and Tina Touli, plus an experience involving the Adobe Capture app!

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Adobe Creative Cloud Event Signage

The signage throughout the event was pretty awesome, with hairline arrows directing you to each area.

Adobe Creative Cloud Event

There were multiple talks from guest speakers, including Rufus Deuchler, David Cousens, Craig Oldham & Tina Touli.

As shown in the video, a main part of the event was the free booze all about showcasing the capabilities of the Adobe Capture app. They did this in a pretty cool and rather personal way! Everyone was invited to make a doodle of some sort in a sketchbook (given out at the start), have it scanned by an iPhone running Adobe Capture which would then sync with a Mac in the corner of the room via Creative Cloud Sync. From Photoshop, the artwork was tidied up and placed into a template to be printed onto a canvas bag in a matter of minutes!

Adobe Creative Cloud Event Networking
Adobe Creative Cloud Event "There just this one thing I need to do"
Adobe Creative Cloud Event Tony on Photoshop

Tony from Adobe was exceptionally helpful throughout the evening and appeared to be having a great time!

Adobe Creative Cloud Event Printing Desk

The ladies at the print desk will be the first to tell you how incredibly hot it was back there, behind the hot plates!

Adobe Creative Cloud Event Printing Press
Adobe Creative Cloud Event Printing Press Close Up

Bags were placed on these hot presses, with the printed transfer sheets of each person’s design.

Adobe Creative Cloud Event Printed Bags

A selection of bags were already hanging up in the venue, showing what was possible.

Overall, it was a pretty smooth experience and exclusively personal for everyone involved. I really can’t stress enough how good a concept this was for giving people a memento of the night, a unique and personal experience, not to mention of course; a great demonstration of the products coming together. Nice one, Adobe!

I really do love going to these sorts of events, because you’re able to meet with so many like-minded creatives and I always come away feeling extremely inspired and uplifted! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember when I went to OFFSET earlier this year for a 3-day conference dedicated to creativity!

Adobe run similar events throughout the year, but most notably the Adobe MAX event in LA that happens annually every October. I’ve yet to go to that, but maybe one day I’ll get a press pass in the mail… 😉

Adobe Creative Cloud Event Churros

Often the best part of events like these, the free food and drink! 😉

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