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What a week it’s been for my online endeavours! I’ve just passed 5,000+ subscribers on my YouTube channel, which is massive news; PLUS I’ve also been shortlisted from a longlist (yes, that’s a thing) for not one, but two blogging awards, which is even bigger news!

If you’d like to cut to the chase and vote for me in the blogging awards, hit the link below and check out the awards; you’ll find me listed in the “Unique blogger of the year” and “Vlogger of the year” award categories or you can continue reading to hear all about it!

Vote for me in the Blogger’s Lounge Awards

Bloggers' Lounge Awards

I’d like to thank everyone for subscribing to my YouTube channel and following all my other online social profiles and this blog. It’s primarily because of you guys, that I’m driven to want to make bigger and better things – so, thank you!

Finding out that I was shortlisted was actually a huge coincidental accident! I happened to follow Bloggers’ Lounge a little while back on Twitter and registered my details with them during the last few minutes of a lunch break one day at work. I’ll be honest and say that I hadn’t really looked into too much about what I was really signing in to. I just knew that it looked like it had a promising set of content to stay up to date with.

A few weeks passed and just the other day I noticed a tweet they’d retweeted of someone showing their excitement for being a finalist in the awards. I clicked through to the link to have a look what the awards were and see who was nominated.

There were quite a few categories listed and I don’t know why, but I decided to press cmd+f and search “Joe” on the page. Maybe I had a bit of a self-absorption moment, or maybe an intuition? But either way, I was shocked to see that I was shortlisted in TWO of the categories!

Well, me and Joe “Allen”… The link checked out to be my YouTube channel, they’d just spelt my name wrong, ha!

The funny thing is, I had absolutely no idea I was even listed! I guess they must’ve spelt my name wrong in the email notification as well, because I had nada. Of course by this point, I got all excited and wanted to shout about it all — which is why I’ve written this blog post!

Vote for me in the Bloggers Lounge Awards

Voting is easy, you just need to click my name and then hit submit in each of the categories!

I’ve been shortlisted for both “Unique blogger of the year” and “Vlogger of the year” and I’d really appreciate you guys to vote! Of course, we live in a democracy and no one’s going to force your hand, so please do check out the rest of the competition…

…then come back to vote for me. 😏

Voting is open until Christmas Eve and then the winners will be announce at the end of January. Good luck to all involved!

Vote for me in the awards!

The road to 5,000 subscribers

It’s been an exciting year creating videos for my YouTube channel! I couldn’t be happier with the response and the little community that’s developed!

If you’ve been following along for a little while now, you’ll know my YouTube channel started with a video about me setting up my desk. When I passed 1,000 subscribers, I was genuinely surprised and delighted with what I’d achieved. Now that my little community is 5 times the size in only 7 months, I honestly couldn’t be happier!

Along with my desk video, I also made a “What’s in my Camera Bag?” video, after many requests. Those two videos have been extremely popular among my channel and have probably been the entry point for the majority of you guys finding me online! I’ve since gone on to release 30 videos and I love hearing your feedback through the hundreds of comments that have been left on my videos!

Over the year, I’ve been steadily improving my videos and on-screen presence, so hopefully you’ll have noticed an increase in the quality! Below are some of my more recent videos, if you happen to have missed them. Also, If you’re new to the whole concept of subscriptions on YouTube, you should hit that red button below and then you’ll have my videos appear in your home feed as soon as they’re published.

Channel highlights reel

If you’d like a quick recap of my channel up until now, check out my 2-minute showreel of some of my best moments!

Adobe Creative Cloud event

Follow along on my evening at the Adobe CC event in London, with guest speakers Rufus Deuchler, David Cousens, Craig Oldham & Tina Touli. There was also a great interactive feature around the Adobe Capture app, whereby Adobe invited guests to doodle in sketchpads and later have them printed onto custom canvas bags via Creative Cloud sync with Photoshop.

Updated desk setup in 4K

Off the back of the success from my first desk setup video, I’ve made an updated version giving a tour of my workspace and the equipment I use. This time, I filmed it entirely in 4K with my new Sony A7R II and I hope you enjoy the glorious quality of it!


One of my favourite videos of the past year is still my one from Tokyo. I just love re-watching it and reminiscing of my rapid visit to Japan late last year. Believe me when I say there will be A LOT (bold and caps!) more of these style of videos to come, in the very near future. Of course they will be in an even higher quality and on a much grander scale than my previous videos, so watch out for them!

Thanks, guys!

Once again, thanks for all the support so far and remember to go check out the Bloggers’ Lounge awards! I’ve got some incredible plans for future content and even a big announcement to come in January… watch this space! *Hint hint*

Vote for me! I'm a finalist for Unique blogger of the year and Vlogger of the year.

Vote for me

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