1,000+ YouTube Subscribers? Say what?!

This weekend, I passed the first big milestone of my YouTube channel – one thousand subscribers. Compared to the size of channels that I subscribe to, this is nothing. But for me and my 11 videos, this has blown me away!

By the way, the main image above is made up of a thousand individual squares. Convenient, huh?

For the past 6 months, I’ve been trying to push my online profiles a lot more in a professional manner, to raise awareness of my skills as an independent creative and to allow me to work on the things I enjoy most! YouTube by far has been the most successful in terms of engagement and response, but I am beginning to see a full loop between all networks such as Twitter and Instagram, which is great.

Some of my most popular videos so far...

The videos I have made so far, and the videos I hope to make will be mostly creative/technology related, with an aim to give insight into the work I do as well as give advice, inspiration and tips. Here’s a few of my most popular videos since starting my YouTube channel.

New Desk and Workspace Setup

This video in particular has been extremely popular for me with over 25,000 views, and it’s all about how I set up my desk and cable tied everything (read about it on my blog here). I’m not really sure how so many people have come to see this video, but either way I’m pleased they have and that they’ve decided to stick around to watch my other videos!

Editing Photos with Photoshop Tutorial

A lot of people ask me about how I edit my photos, so I put together a general video on some of the adjustments I make to almost all of my photos. See the final edited photo here on my blog.


During the earlier days of my YouTube channel, I made mention about travelling to Japan, along with a few blog posts here and some posts on my Instagram as well, so I think enough people were aware of a video in the works.

This is what I would call one of my showcase/portfolio pieces of film work rather than just a video blog and I’m very pleased with the feedback I’ve had from it.

New Website Redesign

In my most recent video about how I redesigned this site (read about it here), I made mention that when I’d reach 1,000 subscribers I would make a new video about “what’s in my camera bag” – something that has been frequently requested from various people who comment on my videos. Well, it only took 7 days to reach that target so I guess I’d better get cracking on my new video!

A thousand thanks

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been following and supporting my YouTube work over the past few months, leaving comments, liking and sharing across other networks and returning time and time again for the next videos. Thank you! Your words are very encouraging and allow me to take this a lot more seriously than when I first started!

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