#NotSoAwesomeAugust – Water Balloons can’t Fly

Sometimes, the weather just gets in the way.

I travelled back home to Somerset over the weekend with a plan to go to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta to see the mass ascent of hot air balloons and night glow on the Saturday. The weather predictions were completely unstable and we weren’t sure whether the rain would hold off, and if the balloons would actually fly.

By the afternoon of the Saturday, sunshine had been replaced by some of that big ol’ fat rain.

Balloons need near enough perfect weather, with little to no wind for a successful flight, which is probably why I’ve barely ever seen the balloons fly off from the fiesta during the times I’ve been there! By 6:30pm, the mass ascent had been cancelled and it would be another 2 and a bit hours wait in the rain until the night glow; so we left.

Without my waterproof rain jacket for my camera and all of my hands full carrying bags and an umbrella, I wasn’t able to really film much of the day. Unfortunately, this means I won’t be able to put together a film of the Balloon Fiesta. Of the footage I did get, I will be able to put into the full round-up video of #AwesomeAugust.

Holi One

Take a look at the video I did make though, from the Holi Festival the week before.

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  1. […] Unlike the Bristol Balloon fiesta, the weather was grand so I the event went ahead as planned. YES. […]

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