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Disclaimer: First things first, this is a very geeky post. There are bound to be many people who will laugh at me for doing this, but in all honesty these are the types of posts and videos I enjoy reading. So, hit me.

One week ago today, I left my job at Burberry to set up my own company as an independent creative, focusing more on short-term contract and freelance work. Among many other things during this first week of admin, I set up my desk and workspace in a spare room within the flat.

Watch the video above where I document all the items in my current ultimate desk and how I keep everything organised; then keep reading for a list of all the products and links to find them online! *Prices are correct at time of writing.



The Desk, Itself

IKEA Ullrik – £30 from IKEA
The two side modules that sit under each end of the desk giving ample storage space for equipment such as hard drives and stationery.

IKEA Linnmon – £30 from IKEA
The large top that I use as a work surface. I’ve currently got the dark black-brown one, but I’m looking to get a whole new style at some point as I’d like a solid hardwood surface.


Apple 27″ iMac – £2359 from Apple
I use a 27″ iMac with a 3.5ghz i7 processor, 24gb of 1600mhz DDR3 memory, 3tb fusion drive and the beefed up NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5 graphics card. I spec’d this up last December to the highest available (except for memory, I’ll leave that as a little treat for my future self a couple of years from now); and it’s been super impressive! I can literally count the times I’ve heard the fans come on with my fingers. It just seems to handle everything I throw at it!

Apple 23″ Cinema Display HD – ~£300 on eBay
The Cinema Display is pretty old now, as it was discontinued in 2008, but I’m still passionate that there isn’t much competition for a better display. For one, the anti-glare surface is just beautiful to use amongst a world glossy ones. Second, the resolution of 1920×1200 is so much more detailed than the common 1920×1080. Finally, the design of this display is just classic Apple at their best. It was so far ahead of it’s time when it came out and still today is extremely stylish professional. I love it.

Apple Magic Trackpad – £59 from Apple
Alongside the Magic Mouse, I sometimes switch to using a trackpad. For one, it reduces the movement of your arm as its constantly held in the same location and secondly, the added benefit of extra multi-touch functions often make this a more efficient tool to use.

External Hard Drives

G-Technology G-RAID 4tb – £315 from Amazon
I’ll only buy G-Technology drives these days as I find them to be so much more reliable and stable in both physical form and technical performance. I use a G-RAID mainly for my time machine backups with other drives daisy chained off it.

G-Technology G-Dock ev 2TB – £465.59 from Amazon
I bought this drive system as part of an amazing offer from CVP. Read about it in this blog post here.

G-Technology G-DRIVE ev 1TB – £159 from Amazon
These are the smaller drives that fit into the G-Dock. They come in 1tb or 2tb variations. I’m hoping that there will be larger models available as the technology improves.

Muji Mesh Cases – £3.50 from Muji
I use these little cases for storing the G-Drive ev and USB cable when they’re out and about with me in my bag. They fit almost perfectly and aren’t overly bulky.

LaCie Rugged 500GB – £85.19 from Amazon
One of my older external hard drives, the Rugged is still very useful for me as a portable drive.

Various WD MyBook Drives – Various models available from Amazon

The first external hard drives I ever bought were some WD Mybooks. They’re pretty old which is why they’re pretty large for their size and unfortunately they’re a little slow for everyday use. They are however extremely cheap and I have been using them to store archived work that I don’t need frequent access to. The ones I have were discontinued a long time ago, so the link simple shows all the currently available models.

Other Technology

Wacom Intuos Pro Large Graphics Tablet – £319 from Amazon
I use this graphics tablet mainly for editing photos as it’s just so much more comfortable than using a mouse for brush work. It takes some getting used to, but is well worth it in the long run.

Bose Companion 3 Series II – £208.59
I originally got these at Univeristy for music in my bedroom and these little speakers definitely punch out a lot of quality noise. They’re excellent as desktop speakers, especially in a little room. For larger rooms I now use much larger, better quality speakers; so these have become somewhat of a specialist speaker for a specific need of mine rather than an all-round-everything-speaker-system.

Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual Slot Reader – £21.18 from Amazon
Since owning my iMac I’ve had this little dual-slot card reader sat on my desk, for SD and CF memory cards. I got it for two reasons: Firstly I wanted a USB 3.0 reader for superior performance and speed and secondly, I was tired of leaning around the back of my screen to (un)plug memory cards.

Other Items

ProsKit 8PK-25PD-C – £5.95 from
These little snips are perfect for cutting through cable ties nice and neatly. The grip also feels absolutely solid in your hand without being fiddly.

White Cable Ties – £1.48 from B&Q
Black Cable Ties – £1.48 from B&Q
You can get little cable ties from pretty much any hardware store, I happened to get mine from B&Q.

Bluelounge CableDrop-Mini – £8.29 from Amazon
These handy desk attachments hold a cable in place at the edge of the desk without it falling away. Perfect for chargers and other daily –but not always connected– cables.

Bluelounge CableClip – £9.95 from Amazon
Another handy little piece of rubber to keep your cables in check. These clips stop wrapped cable from tangling and coming loose whilst also allowing quick access to them.

Miscellaneous Items

IKEA Tertial Lamp – £8.50 from IKEA
This lamp clips on tightly to the side of your desk and provides a large glow of light on a flexible arm that can reach almost halfway across my whole desk. For under £10, this is a bargain.

Monster Cable Family Size iClean – £20 from Amazon
To keep everything clean and fingerprint-free, I use iClean (which is essentially de-ionised water) spritzed onto a micro-fibre cloth. Simple.

Letter ‘A’ Mug – £6 from M&S
I absolutely love this mug for it’s size, colour, weight and of course because it has typography on it. You could say it’s a bit of a copy of the Scrabble mugs, but I actually think these M&S ones are of a much higher quality. It’s my goto mug for any hot beverage.

That completes this round up of workspace equipment for now. I may create new versions as I increase my technology and improve on my desk, but for now I am really happy with it. I can keep things pretty clear and organised whilst also having everything I need readily available.

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  1. nice setup, are you using any USB 3.0 hubs for your setup, as if my maths are right your running 5 items with a 4 port setup, 2 x HDD, wacom, photo card and sure there is something else

  2. This is a weird question, but where did you get your label maker

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