My Top 10 Photos from 2014

It’s December 2014, which means that the year is almost at a close and we can all collectively shout “where has this year gone?”. You’d think that at 23 years old, I would have a concept for how long a year takes to complete, yet it always flies by!

Anyway, this year has been rather special for me in terms of photography; having a couple of trips away to Paris and Tokyo, buying a couple of new cameras, lenses and other equipment and being more creatively active since going independent. With all that in mind, I thought I would share my top 10 favourite photos that I’ve taken this year!

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Cut to the chase, here are my favourite photos

10. Spitfire

This was taken at the Red Bull Air Race and I was so glad to be able to capture such an iconic aircraft in a strikingly simple image.

9. Paris Chimney Pots

This view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris really captures a sense of parisian architecture and style in such a densely populated image; a style of shot I have found myself repeating multiple times.

8. Squirrel Head

I was super happy with my trips to the Royal Parks earlier this year and this is one of my favourite photos of the squirrels.

7. Tokyo Day View

This is a yet-to-be-released photo from my trip to Japan which I’m really happy with! It’s from the top of Roppongi Hills which was my favourite place in Tokyo.

6. Symmetrical Louvre Reflection

This photo of the Louvre in Paris brought my love of symmetry within photography to my attention. When I edited this photo in post-production, I noticed that a large proportion of my other images have varying lines of symmetry within them – a style I have now recognised as a bit of a subconscious signature of mine.

5. Peloton Blur

The cycling photos from the Tour of Britain are among my favourite photos I’ve ever taken! This particular one is an image I’ve had in my head for a few years. So I was especially pleased to finally be able to get it as such a high-profile sporting event.

4. Competitive Cycling

As with the image before, due to the nature of the event being such a high-profile in the cycling calendar, I was extremely pleased with the panning shots I got on the day. This one in particular really visualises the intense pressure of the cycling.

3. Tokyo Night

Similar to my other photo from Tokyo, this was also taken from Roppongi Hills, but obviously at night time and as a long exposure. Make sure to check back for all my edited photos from Tokyo when I post them!

2. Greenwich Park Squirrel

Right back at the beginning of the year in January, I snapped up a few photos of this little guy in Greenwich park. I knew straight away that it was a keeper and have been chuffed with it ever since!

1. Montparnasse View

This photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is the main flagship/hero picture for my trip to Paris earlier this year. It’s the result of a huge amount of planning – from location scouting to weather tracking and an awful lot of patience waiting in cold windy conditions for the optimal moment. On top of all that, there was also a large amount of post-processing involved which took quite a few drafts. In total, this all equates to it being my favourite photo from my library of 2014!

What do you think?

Well there you have it! These are my favourites from the year, if there are any in particular that you liked then let me know with a comment below or link to one of my previous blog posts from the photography category with other images posted!

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  1. Amazing photos Joe! You have great technique and a real eye for capturing a scene.

    Keep up your good work!

    1. Cheers, Adam I appreciate it!

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