Royal Critters — More Squirrels

From the success of the Greenwich Park Squirrel images, I have decided to create a project dedicated to the squirrels and possibly other creatures of London’s Royal Parks (Hyde/Greenwich/St. James’s/Regents/Richmond/Bushy/Green Park, Kensington Gardens and Brompton Cemetery). You can view more about the Royal Parks here.

The latest set of photos were taken in The Regent’s Park on a sunny Friday afternoon about a week ago. There weren’t as many squirrels visible at first compared to Greenwich Park, yet after tracking a couple I soon discovered a good spot with quite a few curious critters. A few crumbs of a chocolate fudge brownie later and I was able to get really close to a few of the more tamer squirrels.

It’s great when you catch them mid-munch as they have such brilliant facial expressions!

[portfolio_images category=’photography’ project=’royalsquirrels’ images=’06_regents’]

I’m planning to continue my project and travel to all of the other Royal parks and see what wild animals I can find there. I’m guessing it will probably be squirrels and pigeons, but let’s see what happens! The plan is to get at least one top-portfolio-worthy-quality photo each month of 2014 and then maybe put together a calendar or set of greetings cards at the end of the year.

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Make sure to check out the project in my portfolio and keep checking back to see updates!

View more photos of the Squirrels in my portfolio

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  3. […] From the success of these Greenwich Park photos and also from another trip to The Regent’s Park, I have decided to create a project dedicated to the squirrels and possibly other creatures of […]

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