A Quick Trip to Bushy Park

On Tuesday, as the weather was looking fantastic, I decided to hop on over to Bushy Park in West London. I’d never actually been there before, so I was looking primarily to just see what was available and possibly get a few photos.

I am already in love with Richmond park (you can check out some of my photos from Richmond here) as they have loads of deer around and masses of open natural spaces. It always makes me feel wintry when I’m there and is especially good for a Sunday walk.

One of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken is the above photo of a stag in Richmond park from last year. Knowing that there would be plenty of deer in Bushy Park as well, I was hoping to try and catch a new stag photo to be pleased with. In the short time spent in the park, I got a few hundred photos of the deer and lakes and whittled it down to these 3 that I thought good enough to edit.

It’s worth pointing out that with it being the beginning of October, we are smack in the middle of the mating season for deer. This means that the vast majority of stags were pretty rampant and aggressive whilst looking for a mate to date. They also have this weird roar/burp thing that they keep doing which is quite funny. Joking aside, this is actually quite intimidating (and dangerous) to get close to, so I kept my distance and solely used my 70-200f2.8L lens. The benefit to this is some gorgeous bokeh (background blur) at the end of the telephoto range.

Stag and other deer
Stag shouting
Bushy Park trees

I was really pleased with the final image in terms of the edit, as it’s such a simple photo but I really feel that the colour control in the edit really adds a great amount of depth to the image. It’s so often the case that a camera really doesn’t capture the scene in it’s true form, especially when it comes to colour as a digital sensor has to convert the true colours into an accurate white balance. Below is the before and after of the edit – I’m interested to know if people like seeing this sort of thing so let me know and maybe I’ll post more and possibly even some editing tutorials.

Bushy Park trees before and after

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