The Passing of One Crazy Month

It’s been one crazy month since I last posted pretty much anything on the internet – aside from a handful of tweets. In this time, I’ve decorated a flat, packed up all of my things in my house, moved into the new flat, celebrated Elly’s mega birthday weekend, finished my latest work contract, been on holiday  to Paris and also accepted a new job offer. To top it all off, tomorrow I am going to what will probably be the biggest wedding I will ever attend… at St. Paul’s Bloody Cathedral. It’s a friend’s sister’s wedding and I swear it’s been planned for the whole time I’ve know them and I’m super excited for it!

Since moving into the new flat, we’ve not had internet until just a couple of days ago due to major errors on behalf of BT cancelling our change of address request– a massive five times and failing to meet their promises of multiple activation dates. It’s easy to say, we won’t be staying with them for much longer. Anyway, now that we do have internet, I’m not sure how much time I will have to create some content for this blog and my list of posts to make just keeps on growing and growing. Hopefully I’ll find time amongst unpacking all these boxes!

Our recent trip to Paris was completely filled to the brim with visits to various locations around the city and I have an absolute shedload of photography and video content to organise and edit. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks, I will put together a video documenting our visit as well as a whole new collection of photographs. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m eagerly anticipating the start of my filmmaking portfolio and desperately want to get stuck into all the footage I have. Watch this space…

View my previous photos from Paris

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