New Work: Tour of Britain Cycling Photos

A couple of weeks ago, the Tour of Britain had its final leg through the centre of London. If you’re unaware, the Tour of Britain is a cycling fixture held annually where around 100 elite cyclists from around the world compete in time trial and circuit races to accumulate points and win the competition. As with most cycling fixtures, there are winners in multiple categories, represented by jersey colours for disciplines such as sprinting and mountain ascents. I’m no expert on cycling however I really enjoy watching these events whenever I can. With such a high calibre of cycling sportsmen taking part in the competition, I had to go and watch and of course take photos.

As part of my ongoing involvement with sports photography, this was great experience to add to my list of other events such as the London Marathon, the Royal Parks Half Marathon and the Weston Beach Race. It was my first time photographing a cycling event and the first thing I was surprised by was the immense speed at which the riders travel. It’s seriously impressive!

Using the speed to my advantage, I was able to get a whole host of panning shots. Something which I later struggled to edit down to a smaller number, as I quickly became very adept at getting the shots I was after as I got into the rhythm of things. I changed things up a bit by moving around the course slightly – though still in the area near to embankment station as it offered various viewing points of straight sections, a turn, a chicane and even a bridge for an aerial view.

I originally shared some photos on my Instagram (which you should follow by the way) within minutes of taking some of the shots and got amazing feedback from them; so I’m very pleased to be able to share the full collection of edits here on my blog, as I’m super happy with them!

Take a look through a few of them here and make sure to follow the link to the whole collection in my portfolio at the end.

View more Tour of Britain Photos

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