New Work: Paris Photography

My recent trip to Paris appears to have been a very successful one. Within 5 days, I managed to produce a short film and also capture quite a few photos for my portfolio, all the while travelling across the whole city and visiting endless landmarks and even finding time to relax away from regular day to day life.

If you haven’t seen my video, Metroville – Paris, take a look at it below!

I’ve updated my Paris gallery in my portfolio with a whole bunch of new images. I actually had more photos than I thought were necessary for an entry in my portfolio, so the excess ones are posted here on this blog post. A lot of the excess photos are mainly just photos of the Eiffel Tower as it’s such a stunning structure that just continued to catch my eye throughout the whole trip.

Eiffel Tower at Night
Montparnasse View
Eiffel Tower Close Crop
Notre Dame from Padlock Bridge
Mickey Mouse

Being the photographer, I rarely get photos of myself… unless Elly takes them. But when we want a photo of both of us, it gets a little tricky and the results can be completely unpredictable. First of all, a lot of people panic when I ask them to take a photo of me with my camera. I fully understand that it may well be extremely overwhelming to use such a large camera and also to have to return to using the viewfinder like the good old days! However, imagine my delight when standing at the top of the Arc de Triomphe looking for someone to take our photo; someone strides from the back of a long queue with the greatest confidence. Have we found a pro photographer in perfect time?

No. Absolutely not.

Elly and I – Terrible Photo

Just look at this photo he took. After numerous attempts to get him to take a step back, we still ended up with the weirdest crop of our faces and the Eiffel Tower only just poking out above Elly’s head.

Anyway, below are some of the new photos that have made their way to my updated Paris gallery in my portfolio.

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