New Work: London Marathon 2014

For the third year in a row, I have been to the London Marathon to show support and also to improve on my sports photography. Last year I was taking photos on behalf of Oxfam for their post-race reception and didn’t really see much of the race itself. This year I was back on the sidelines – positioned along Victoria Embankment, if you were interested.

So I rocked up at about 9:30am with my large backpack of camera equipment, a camping chair and a monopod. I managed to find a spot facing the road and the river just up from Embankment station on the way to Westminster. I purposely chose a spot that had some balloons in the distance and a water station nearby thinking that it could prove to be a good place for some great shots.

I was waiting around for a little while until the first load of wheelchair racers came through, but I made an error of using the wrong lens for getting decent panning shots as they passed. Note to self: Stick to a wide-angle for the wheelchairs. W for W.

A few years ago though, I got this shot and I’m still super pleased with it:

The atmosphere is always fantastic. It’s as if London has taken the day off and is having a great time. Traffic and transport is a nightmare, but who cares when everyone’s in such high spirits! Because I got there so early and bearing in mind that I was at mile 25 and quite close to the finish line, I had plenty of time to catch photos of all levels of runners, from the Elite Men and Women to the Masses; as they’re officially known.

As an experiment, I attached a GoPro to the front of my 70-200mm lens and had it recording videos whilst I took some shots. It was a bit flaky and didn’t really generate that many decent clips, but when I reversed the camera to point at me, I got a shot which I’m pretty pleased with and have started using it as my main avatar across Twitter and Google+.

GoPro Selfie

Take a look through some of the best shots here, including some of the fancy dress runners and then continue through to my portfolio for the full gallery.

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