New Work: Barcelona

In May of last year, I went to Barcelona for a holiday with my girlfriend; it’s taken me all these months to finally get the photos online in my portfolio. Somehow, my time has been fully occupied with other work that I haven’t been able to go through and edit the shots until now. At least now, I have a whole new website that allows me to feature my work much more prominently and probably gives me a bit more exposure for my work.

It’s in my nature to go exploring when in a new area and the vast majority of the photos I got from Barcelona were taken during a long hike I spontaneously ended up on, one afternoon. It was the hottest day during the week and I lugged all my camera gear up through the Plaça d’Espanya, round the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and then on through the 1992 Olympic park and Sants-Montjuïc. One of the things I really love about Barcelona is the ability to get into great vantage points overlooking the city just by walking. Second to that, if you’re knackered out from caring a hefty amount of camera gear, there’s a pretty good cable car system in place.

Take a look through the gallery in my portfolio to see more photos and also leave a comment with your thoughts on Barcelona!

More Photos of Barcelona

[portfolio_images category=’photography’ project=’barca’ images=’apartment-windows, city-aerial-view, monjuic-aerial, microguagua-2′]

More photos of Barcelona

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